A man launches his boat from point A on a bank of a straight river, 1 km wide, and wants to reach point B, 1 k?

A man launches his boat from point A on a bank of a straight river, 1 km wide, and wants to reach point B, 1 km downstream on the opposite bank, as quickly as possible. He could row his boat directly across the river to point C and then run to B, or he could row directly to B, or he could row to some point D between B and C and then run to B. If he can row 6 km/h and run 8 km/h, where should he land to reach B as soon as possible? (We assume that the speed of the water is negligible compared to the speed at which the man rows.) Find the answer in km for c.

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    C ...X ...B

    we shall solve in general form & then substitute numerical values

    let width of river AC = w,

    landing point X be x km from C

    & let the angle downstream (CAX) be z

    it can be shown that if running speed / rowing speed = k,

    then sin z = w/k will give the minimum time, which yields

    x = w/√(k^2-1)

    plugging in,

    x = 1/√((8/6)^2 - 1) = 3/√7 km > 1 km



    proof using #s given:


    dist. rowed = 1..sec z,

    dist. run, = 1 -1.tan z

    time t ∞ sec z - tan z / (4/3)

    dt/dz = sec z.tan z - 0.75sec^2 z

    = (sin z - 0.75) / cos^2 z

    for minima, sin z = 0.75

    the trignometric way yields a valuable insight,

    viz. the optimum angle downstream depends only on k


    however, if you prefer the other method,

    x/6√(x^2+1) =1/8

    √(x^2+1)=(4/3) x

    x^2+1 = 16x^2/9

    7x^2 = 9

    x = 3/√7

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    Distance rowed = sqrt(x^2+1)

    Speed of rowing = 6

    Time = sqrt(x^2+1)/6

    Distance run = 1-x

    Speed of running = 8

    Time running = (1-x)/8

    Let s = sqrt(x^2+1)/6 + (1-x) / 8 --- total time to reach from A to B

    We want to minimize s with respect to x

    ds/dx = 2x/12sqrt(x^2+1) -1/8 = 0

    x/6sqrt(x^2+1) =1/8

    6 sqrt(x^2+1) = 8x

    sqrt(x^2+1)=(8/6) x

    x^2+1 = 4x/3




    x=1/sqrt(3) =0.578 km

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