Why is it that in Islam a Muslim man can marry a non-Muslim woman whilst?

a Muslim woman can only marry men within the faith?

P.S.: Is it true that Maria, a wife of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is not a member of Islam?

Anyway, this is asked out of curiosity. If I were to attack Islam, I would have had this question asked on Religion and Spirituality where all I will get is mockery and rude remarks.

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    10 years ago
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    Because the Woman has to take the surname of the Husband, so if a non-muslim man marries a Muslim Woman then she is losing her heritage, losing her name, morals of Islam and dignity. Unless the non-muslim man Reverts to Islam. Also the children will be brought up as non-muslims because of the name.

    Islam protects Muslims and respects them. So if a Muslim Woman was to marry a non-muslim man it will be like losing Islam, and when you lose something good you become corrupt as history has shown and proven. Islam teaches people on the straight and rightenouess. The non-muslim man will never ever accept Islam (unless he Reverts) so thus he will not abide by Islamic rules and will do oppisite of what Islam teaches i.e Praying, giving Zakat (charity) obstaining from alchohol and many immoral degrading behaviour.

    Hardly any Muslim-Woman marries a non-muslim man.

    It will also show desperation and deep insecurties if she was to because it's like she can't get anyone from her own culture, faith, roots, race etc because truth and fact is different races have different mentllity, different faiths have different mentallity etc so it's like she will be losing her self-respect and dignity.

    Also if she marries a non-muslim man it will show her rejected her Beautiful Faith and disrespecting her Parents and heritage. How many times do you see non-muslim men wanting to marry Muslim Women? hardly ever, they don't want to. They eventually end up with non-muslim women..I know because am a White British Man but also studying Islam in the hope of Reverting to Islam..But I do know many non-muslim men dislike Muslim Women because they seem to be pure, clean and dignified.

    One important aspect is the non-muslim man will be uncircumstinced, hence of catching cancers and sexual dieases easily then Muslim Circumsticed Men

    History has show if people reject where they come from, their race, culture, heritage etc then it corrupts society. Why would any reject something which tells you to respect Parents, tells you to help others, tells you to protect and respect yourselves, tells you Under Your Mother's Feet Is Paradise etc? Islam teaches this so if one rejects this by marrying a non-muslim man it shows she is very naive and immoral, so that's why Islam respects and protects it's faith and people.. If people lose this then it will corrupt society...Just look in the west and within non-muslim where there is high rape, adultery, sexual dieases, single Mothers, murder, aclholism etc all because of people lose faith and marry who they want etc, but you see Islam does not want that to happen, it doesn't want children being influenced by satan...Even if the non-muslim man is a good person it's still wrong because if he doesn't Revert to Islam then he must be immoral and that will come out at some stage in the life..If he's truly good then he would Revert to Islam which teaches to be good.

    A Muslim Man can Marry a non-muslim woman because the Muslim Name is still there, the Children also have to brought up Muslims so in a way Islam is not losing out..Sometimes you have to submit, obey and respect to prevail society and keep it clean for our children and pure for our people and next generation, and that will not happen if a Muslim Woman marries a non-muslim man.

    One more thing that bricklayer person is Lying, he never married any Muslim Woman. He's just a trolly string up, he's asked many insulting questions about Islam & has got banned many times under different names..Don't believe him. Please report him! he's making things up. I live in England and am Born here and I have never ever seen in my Life a non-muslim man marry a Muslim-Woman..Infact statistics show over 98.6% of Muslim Women always marry Muslim men and are Virgins before Marriage (I admire and respect Muslim Women for this).

    Source(s): White British Man!
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    10 years ago

    Muslim men can only marry Chaste women of the Book (Christians and Jews).

    Christian and Jewish scriptures also give the husband/father a dominant role in the family dynamic.

    Muslim husbands and their wives have unique responsibilities (by Scripture) to uphold the family dynamic, also with the husband as the "provider". Muslim men cannot force their non-muslim wife to convert or do anything against her will.

    However, when a Muslim woman marries a non-Muslim husband, there is a chance that (from their Scriptures) that the husband can compromise her religion and as well as the religion of their children. i.e. converting to whatever.

    in Islam there are strict guidelines and regulations. whereas in Judaism and Christianity you are not even allowed to yoke with the non believers. it's a matter of rights of the women in this situation.

  • 10 years ago

    I am sure the answer is in the Koran. Ask a Muslim that you trust. I work with a wonderful Muslim man that has wonderful information, and has really opened my eyes to this religion. Just like with the Bible, you can interpret it to mean whatever you want, and some do this to the detriment of it's followers for example Waco TX. The Koran is the same way, evil doers have used this book to justify their actions, when in actuality it does not actually tell them to act in this way. I think the Muslim religion is just very misunderstood, and a few very bad people put a very negative connotation on this religion.

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    Women are more likely to convert than men. There are statistics to show that. The majority of converts to Islam are women.

    So, a non-Muslim woman who marries a Muslim man has a good likelihood to convert to Islam, while a Muslim woman who marries a non-Muslim man is also likely to leave Islam. A Muslim woman who marries a non-Muslim is also likely not to have her rights, as a Muslim, protected, whereas a non-Muslim woman married to a Muslim man already has her rights protected, as a monotheist, through the regulations of the Qur'an.

    Prophet Mohammad had 2 non-Muslim wives: Mariah the Coptic Christian and Saffiyah the Jewess. There are narrations which show that he dearly loved both.

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    10 years ago

    This question carries no benefit, I am not attacking you and I am really sorry if you feel that way, These are are the kind of questions the people of Quraish used to ask the Prophet(saw) just to remove his attention from what are the important matters. Just understand this, If you research Islam and believe that it's the truth then you won't question what Allah orders you because you know that it's good for you, Have a nice day.

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    As Salaam to you all,

    In essence a Muslim man marrying a non-Muslim would be like bringing someone back into the faith, for we believe that all people are born Muslim. However, if a Muslim woman marries a non-Muslim it is quite possible that she would leave the faith through this marriage and we would not like that for our daughters future.

    It can be seen very much like a Catholic edit, in that a Catholic woman may marry a non-Catholic but she must bring up her children in the Catholic faith, even if her partner is against it. Would this not raise a certain degree of mistrust between the couple?

    Wa Salaam

    Mahmood Tahir

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    10 years ago

    Well firstly, one cannot marry a non-muslim. One can only marry a monotheist believe who is not a polytheist. Not with the god's backing that is.


    quran translation 2:221

    And do not marry the takers of partners (with God) (F) until they believe, and an owned believing female slave (E) (is) better from (than) a taker of partners (with God) (F), and (even) if she pleased/marveled you. And do not marry the takers of partners (with God) (M) until they believe, and a believing slave (M/E) (is) better from a taker of partners (with God) (M), and (even) if he pleased/marveled you, those call to the fire, and God calls to the Paradise, and the forgiveness with His will, and He clarifies His signs/verses/evidences to the people, maybe they mention/remember .

    I was once told that the reasoning why a muslimah does not marry other than a muslim, well if she wishes her children to grow as muslims that is... and if she wishes her prophet and religious requirements respected as well. Those who aren't muslims, may not respect her wishes as well as a muslim man who'd marry a christian or jew or sabian or other monotheist. But still... when we refer to muslim, we're talking about muslims who are like the prophet rather than muslims in name only as you find today.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maria_al-Qibtiyya - as for maria the copt, if she did not marry again, then the instructions of quran 33:59 may have been for her, and she may well be a mother of the believers and thus married to him.

    Here's a debate about the her: http://www.answering-christianity.com/umar/umar_ma...

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    10 years ago

    As many of you know,I am not a Muslim,

    I married a Muslim woman,

    with the full blessing of her family,senior members of our local Muslim community and Mosque attended the wedding.

    This was 21 years ago,here in England,we have never experienced any problems with our marriage.

  • 10 years ago

    Muslim men are allowed to marry to muslim women or the women of people of the Book.

    The term people of the book means who follow monotheism.The people of the Book at that time didnt used to pray jesus christ.They believed him to be prophet from God.

    But today's Christians are not people of the Book because they started praying Jesus Christ .

  • 10 years ago

    Non muslim dont know what is halal and haram. I went to a website and a lady was saying that her man who is non muslim play anal which is forbidden in Islam. She was asking for help.

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