Best Friends Club Inc Clothing?

I'm in love with the Best Friends Club Inc. 18 inch dolls. Especially Gianna: But since they have such a limited selection of clothing, can they fit any other doll clothing? They are too skinny for American Girl, that's for sure. Can they wear any size of BJD clothing like SD or MSD?

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    9 years ago
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    There is a great thread, including pictures about this on a popular web site. They talk about the various doll types and which clothing from other types of dolls will best fit Best Friends Club Inc dolls.

  • 9 years ago

    She is probably bigger in the body than most mature minis, and her height is between mSD and SD height.

    These are measurements of many large (SD and larger) BJDs

    I think most SDs are probably too big though maybe some stretch clothing for slim SD's would fit.

    Someone says the clothes for Best Friends fit this thick-bodied mini well:

    Iplehouse JID - female

    Overall Height:43cm

    Neck Circumference: 7.3cm

    Shoulder Width: 9.3cm

    Arm Length: 13.2cm

    Chest Circumference: 19cm

    Waist Circumference: 14.9cm

    Bottom Circumference: 22.3cm

    Leg Length: 22.8cm

    Another person did fit some Best Friend clothes on an MSD so try some MSD clothes but nothing too slim (i.e. not slim mature mini clothes)

  • 9 years ago

    mhh from the size she maybe can wear slim msd cloth ... but i´m not sure ^^

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