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After you delete your facebook account,can you create another with the same email?

i have a facebook account but i want to delete it and then create another. Is this possible? If so,can this be done with the same email that i used it to create my previous fb account? thanks!!


ive done it today(5th nov)but it says 'your account will be deleted on 18 nov'. That means i shuld not log in to facebook or can i create another account using the same email during that period? Please help!! Thanks everyone!

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    Yes. Facebook deletes the email from their registered list.


    No, do not log onto your account or it will stop the process, this is a Facebook safety feature to ensure that you want to do this so you don't accidentally lose any data should you change your mind.

    Further details here:


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    Yes you can just make sure the you verify the email you recieve to delete your account onces deleted you could go ahead and use the same email.

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    Ya just sign up again with the same email id

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