How can I figure out my Security Type and Incription type?

So my mom set-up out d-link router and now im trying to get internet on my laptop and its asking for my Security type, and Encryption type... I dont know which to choose, and neither does my mom. Is there anyway I can get that info???

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    Open up your web browser and type in the address bar: and press enter.

    (Your gateway might be different if your using a different router, but you can find it by running ipconfig in a command prompt if this does not work - or just check your router's manual)

    If you set up your wireless then you should know the login/password to access your routers admin panel. Otherwise, consult your router's manual to get this info.

    Under wireless settings you will find Security Mode (WPA2/WPA/WEP) and Cipher/Encryption Type (TKIP/AEP).

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