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Why do people nowadays focus too much on sex and not enough on emotional aspects of relationships?

Today, the biggest thing is finding the best way to make sex work, instead of compromising and making a relationship work in true love. What has happened to morality and values? Nowadays, there's so much divorce, out of wedlock children, broken families and sexual exploitation of women. Why don't people put as much effort into making their relationships work instead of sexual pleasure?

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    Itis not your fault,it is our world are changing .

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    In my opinion I think sex and relationships are 2 totally different things. Sex is more than anything a reaction to physical urge. Now when you are in a relationship, sex is a great way to express those feelings. So, the best thing, in my opinion, is find a friend you are comfortable with and have copious amounts of sex and figure out what is good and what women like, then date someone you care about and bring that to the relationship.

    Source(s): I am one of those friends people want to learn from.
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