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des asked in SportsHorse Racing · 9 years ago


new players wellcome !!!!

3 horses 1 point theoretical win on each

no more than 1 horse in same race

1 selection maybe maybe napped + 1 reserve maybe added

english + irish racing only please

evens = 1 point



and so on (but plz remember anything between evens and 15/8 7/4 6/4 5/4 is only 1 point

one horse maybe napped for double points if ur napp is withdrawn or a non runner then ur

reserve becomes your nap

all entries must be posted before the deadline once the deadline is up then all entries are printed off

please note = english and irish racing only = but any nationality can take part !!!!


WELLCOME to the new jumps comp were we pick 3 horses + 1 reserve to see who

is the champion jumps tipster of yahoo 20/10 - 2011

the successful tipster can join other JUMPS champions such as MICKTHEPAINTER +

TOMMY2CANS in the winners enclosure

allthough its a jumps comp flat + AW entries are accepted just as jumps selections

are accepted in the flat comps



welldone last week some decent tipping again ! EDDIE D maintains his lead with another 9 lenghts

which is very frustrating for people like me if your still in the stalls

SIMM101 tho isnt going to let eddie dictate the pace though and sits behind only 9Ls

great tipping last week paul !! and by eddie too . they were 2 of a quartet that had winning naps

the other 2 were mark (mr bookie) and jacqui (mysilv) = WELLDONE you 4

the hardluck story goes to jenny and davidsportsnut who both had winng reserves.

10 of you tipping 11 winners with paul (simm101) with the only double .

DEADLINE --------------- 11.45 SATURDAY !!!! put your clock back now if u havnt done so yet !!

EDDIE D ================37

simm101================ 29

mysilv================== 17

scotch m================15


david h =================10

big al ==================10




sir alan =================6

gumyshorse============= 6

jason ================= 5.5

richard c ===============4


mr bookie============== 4





sam g ================0

steve r ================0

over2u================ 0



jmp================== 0

jonnova=============== 0

huddlejonny============ 0


english + proud==========0

des================== 0

claire s ===============0

charles olney===========0



well by this time sat night or sunday depending when you log on we will no who

is the champion flat jockey ???????????? i hope its hanagan as he is from warrington

not that far from me !! but donny sure will be thrilling on saturday !!!

dont forget to enter jac,s breeders cup compy !!!

will post my selections saturday morning GOODLUCK !!

for yahoo answers :: which author rode Devon Loch to a "near" grande national win in 1956 ?

see you all saturday to GREAT DAYS end to the flat season

COME ON ZENYATTAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


morning all !!!

welldone to JACQUI for leading her own compy

and stever just behind her !

also welldone to over2u +jacqui for getting

dick francis correct !

scotch = like me u have 30 mins to get ur selections on

shadow = yeah your brother is wellcome mate , is he a red ? glad to hear you shouting for a fellow red today shadow, come on paul !

Update 2:

ok these selections below are LL who can not be here today

donny 235 = CHEETAH

donny 310 = SIMENON

donny 340= TAX FREE

LL,s reserve is nazreef 410 goodluck LL.

Update 3:

and my selections are ,

donny 310 = SENATE

donny 125 = EXPOSE

sandown 330= SONNY MULLEN (NAP)

my reserve is banjaxed girl at donny

goodluck everyone , especially


paul H



and me as i desparetly need to get out the stalls !!!!

Update 4:

ok if you are behind scotch , richard or claire then you are too late as the comp is now closed and printed off GOODLUCK !!!!!!!

Update 5:

cheers mark

hey mick (HTGR) can i come with yer ? looks like i need a winner tonight !!!

OVER2U looks like you have taught us all a lesson here today ? 28 points ? lovely !!

will try and look thru winners tomorrow

nite all

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
    Best Answer

    Countermarch 12.50 Doncaster

    Times Up 3.10 Doncaster Nap

    Summery Justice 2.20 Sandown

    Hitchens 3.40 Doncaster Reserve

    Dick Francis..

  • 9 years ago

    All @ Dony Mc Caster

    Reservio 12:50 SoldiersPoint

    14:00 Osteopathic Remedy

    15:10 Thin Red Line NapeRooney

    15:40 Esuvia

  • 9 years ago

    Sticking with the backable odds, Camerooney 2-00 Don, Hitchens (nap) 3-40 Don and a real mad tip Fork Lightning 2-35 Don.

    Beaten a head for another 11 points.

  • 9 years ago

    Down Royal

    2.25 Sizing Europe


    2.10 Ashkazar


    2.40 Kalahari King

    reserve Dwn Royal 3.00 Pandorama

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  • Mysilv
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    9 years ago


    Des: Someone reported my Churchill Downs Compy Winner Question to Yahoo and it was just wanted to apologise to Over2u for not being able to give her Best Answer on the Question for winning the compy, and to congratulate her again on here for being the




    well done also to Mick the Painter, Charles Olney, Sir Alan and Hot Fuss who filled 2nd, 3rd and 4th positions and to everyone for taking part.

    Enjoy the virtual goodies Over2u...and also well done for standing by Times Up in the November Handicap and making him your nap, a great price for such an easy winner. Jac x


    Good news is I heard from my Son's friend in USA who works for Yahoo that folk who report violations and repeatedly give thumbs down are listed and he can access this. It's time the trolls were revealed I think their days may be numbered and we won't let them spoil our fun.



    Thank you for your kind email and yes I did chose the wrong one, especially when I love Times Up...but I did have a really good bet on him, so I'm more than happy...well done Over2u for napping him..Jac x


    Ha ha EL you could use the outside shower, it's a bit parky but I'd make you a nice cuppa afterwards ;)


    Hi Des..Just submitted the Leaderboard for the Breeders Cup Compy, it was fantastic that between us we found 4 winners of the 6 BC races last night and there's still all to play for. Off to get some much needed shut eye..back after the Morning Line..Jac x ;)

    Answer...Dick Francis...the race was won by ESB.

    Fridays Leaderboard Link:-;_ylt=Ar...

    Saturdays Breeders Cup Compy Link:-;_ylt=Av...

    Edit: 10.30

    Tough Call today, I fancy 2 horses in the 2.35 and 3.10 chances I will choose the wrong one, but here goes:-

    2.35 Doncaster ..... MODEYRA ((NAP)) **LOST**

    she's beaten Timepiece and Getrude Bell that has to be good enough)

    3.10 Doncaster .... BRUNSTON **LOST**

    (he has beaten Cityscape and possibly Times Up will be the runner up again...but will back both)

    3.40 Doncaster ..... CHEVETON **LOST

    Reserve: Wincanton 12.35 ..... SWEET IRONY **Lost**

    Good luck all in both the compys.

    Come on KAUTO STAR, and all the European horses at Churchill Downs and*** GO ZENYATTA****

    As the jumps gets into full swing just like to say may all the horses come home sound this season and the jockeys safe...Jac x

    Come on Kauto Star no more heart stopping falls this season.x

    Hanagan to be the Champ

    Hughsie might as well have gone to ride Paco Boy today.

  • 9 years ago

    Morning all

    Ashkazar 2.10 Winc (Nap)

    Irish Raptor 3.20 Winc

    Master Milan 4.05 Sand

    Balerina 1.45 Sand (Reserve)

    Hanagan for the title, another well timed ride on Home Office friday night at Wolvo

    Jac bathroom still not finished, count yourself lucky I don't live in Essex. I'd wear your doorbell out begging for showers!

    Lets take 'em for a few bob EL

  • 9 years ago

    *********NO WINNERS*********

    Donny 2-00 Kyllachy Star (nap)

    Donny 3-40 Doncaster Rover

    Wincanton 3-20 Ouzbeck

    Reserve: Donny 3-10 Simenon

    Good Luck All

  • 9 years ago

    **** No Winners ****

    All at Doncaster

    2:00 - Camerooney (Nap)

    2:35 - Les Fazzani

    3:10 - La Vecchia Scuola

    3:40 - Tax Free (Reserve)

    Goodluck Peeps

  • 9 years ago

    hi des, had a quick browse and noted a few good prospects, but due to over stepping my allotted time I'm just going for the one

    2.00Donc Smarty Socks Nap

    good e/w value at 16s, but better in the winners enclosure

    be lucky people

  • Adam
    Lv 5
    9 years ago

    ***** surprise surprise no winners *****

    hi all , hope ya all ok .. this week i am gonna get a point lol i want 10 by the end of the comp

    will post later my 3 legged donkeys

    2:00 donny ...eton rifles

    3:20 wincanton ....the package (nap)

    3:40 donny... macs power


    3:10 donny... willing toe

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