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is it possible for someone who never got to play on the high school football field, to play college ball?

okay. me and my coach's, and my teams mates, have never really gotten along, and because of this. i never got to start in high school. ive played for 8th - 12th grade.

i think of myself as a really decent player, and i just think its not fair i NEVER got a chance on the Field.. i work REALLY hard every day in practice. i give it my best, and i always have. but, every friday night, im always on the sideline... and, its just stupid, because i know, im better than 2/3 of the people on that field...

i just want to know how its possible for me to even apply for a college, when i have ZERO film of me on the field, and my coach has NO respect for me...

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    You really think your coach is going to make his team worse just to piss off some stupid kid? Your teammates don't like your either? Maybe its just you and your attitude that's the problem. You don't play because you suck.

    You think you are good then try walking onto a team in college.

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    High School football is a little different because there is not a fair playing field of recruiting/talent that the pros have. Even College does not have completely fair recruiting because some schools have a lot more money than others. If a pro team is getting blown out, they should just deal with it and try to stop the other team. If a high school team is getting blown out, the other team should not stop running plays, but they should stop running up the score because these are unpaid kids trying to have fun. I played HS ball, and everyone wants to win, but there is no need to embarras a team that maybe only has a limited amount of kids come out for the team.

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    Yeah, you can't get a scholarship, but you can walk-on. Often these athletes (the ones who walk-on) are relegated to the scout team and may not even be played on the official depth chart or traveling team. However there are occasions, sometimes well publicized, where a walk-on will become a noted member of their team in one of several ways.

    Good Luck!

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    Yes, especially if you have freakish athletic ability and the problem really is just that the coaches hate you. You won't get a scholarship, most likely, unless you go to a school's one-day camp or their camp at their facility, and really impress. But you can walk on, and try your hardest there, and maybe you will be playing college football.

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    Yeah, if you go to college somewhere and walk-on. I don't think you'd get a scholorship to play football somewhere. And Division 3 teams just have sign-ups to let you know, they're considered club-levels.

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