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Can someone briefly explain the two political parties?

**Unbiased, please.** I would just like to know what the main points of the Democrats and Republicans are. They don't teach you any of this in school and I don't like feeling ignorant. Thanks


I said don't be biased please.. but that doesn't stop you does it? -_-

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    No one who knows the answer to this question is unbiased by that knowledge. I am a Conservative and will not pretend otherwise. I answer your question based on the current state of the Parties as opposed to the traditional or historical positions of each.

    First we must have our terms defined. In America political names have a different meaning than in other countries due to the fact that most other countries have a history of monarchy and we were founded specifically opposed to any sort of tyranny. In our system the terms Left and Right wing are defined thus:

    Start with a flat line. Place a point at the Center. If you move to the Left of that point you are moving toward the left wing. As you progress toward the Left you will find Liberal, then Progressive, then Socialist then Totalitarian. Starting in the Center and moving Right you will find Conservative, Libertarian finally Anarchy. Totalitarian is total government control; Anarchy is no government at all.

    Basically, this means as you move Left you are losing Freedom and as you move Right you are gaining Freedom. With this in mind, the two Parties can best be described as:

    Democrat Party = Progressive

    Republican Party = Conservative

    The Democrat Party = Equality of outcome

    The Republican Party = Equality of opportunity

    The Democrat Party = Social Justice

    The Republican Party = Equal Justice under the law

    The Democrat Party = Redistribution of wealth

    The Republican Party = The pursuit of happiness

    In practical terms I present two simple charts that best describe what has been occurring in America since 2000. Mind you, President Bush while more Conservative than Obama was not a Conservative. He was more of a Centrist or Moderate as was his father.

    I hope this helps. Understanding the goals of each Party is critical to your future.


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    Democrats want increased social programs and extra money to help the disadvantaged. Democrats understand that taxes are an integral part of any government,they are crucial to the health and well being of the general population. Democrats want to help the less privileged.

    Republicans want less government money going to important social programs. They would greedily like to keep any and all money they make for themselves,in the process ignoring the needs of fellow countrymen of theirs who struggle everyday. Republicans believe there should be no taxes,they do not care about Americans who rely on government programs for assistance. They feel it is not their problem nor do they feel obliged to help those who genuinely need it. In their opinion,the struggles of their fellow Americans is not their problem.

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    Democrats: Utterly beholden to special interest groups.

    Repubicans: Beholden utterly to groups with special interests.

    Democrats: Will crush third-party candidates, by violent means if necessary.

    Republicans: Will, by violent means if necessary, crush third-party candidates.

    Democrats: Believe in keeping congressional incumbency rates high through gerrymandering.

    Republicans: Believe in gerrymandering for the purpose of keeping congressional incumbency rates high.

    Democrats: wet themselves if you make an offensive joke.

    Republicans: have no sense of humour.

    Democrats: Terrified of guns.

    Republicans: Terrified of brown people.

    Democrats: Believe in idiotic **** like affirmative action and overpowerful teachers' unions.

    Republicans: Believe in idiotic **** like Jesus.

    Bottom line: Get out of America while you still can. If you have brains, spunk, and skills, Canada would love to take you on.

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    One party thinks it's right all the time, and the other party tries to do what they think is right.

    I'll let you decide which is which.

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    Republican = Small Government. Low Taxes. More Freedom!

    Democrat = Big Government. Tax to death. Steal your money. Nanny State telling you what you can and cannot eat. Forcing you to buy thing you dont want. Dicktatorshiplike. No freedom of choice!

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