help with my names for my story "THE WHITE WOLF"?


Victoria Davis 14

Jennifer Kantze 23

Hazel 15


Benjamin "Ben" Davis 17

Michael 24


Kevin 14


Kristen 15

Zephrya 18

Luna 23

Ebony 19


Skyler 15

Kyle 18

Drake 24


Eddie 18

this story is about a girl named victoria who is werewolf but she is in love with a human. it is not possible for a human and werewolf to be together for it is against the tribes tradition. they can be with vampires or werewolves. her two guy friends are fighting over when she realizes her love has been in front of her the whole time. but now she has to choose which one she will be with

i need help getting the last names for those who don't have them, and if you would like i want to hear your short version of what you think the book will end. and please no criticism because i am only 13

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  • hunt
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    9 years ago
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    Hazel Patton

    Hazel Callahan

    Hazel Romanov

    Hazel Everton

    Hazel Hunter

    Michael Whitaker

    Michael Warren

    Michael Graham

    Michael Decker

    Michael Radley

    David Lawson

    David Buchanan

    David Rose

    David Benjamin

    David Britt

    Kevin Sutton

    Kevin Miles

    Kevin Anderson

    Kevin Kelsey

    Kevin King

    Kristen Lucas

    Kristen Best

    Kristen Sykes

    Kristen Davies

    Kristen Patrick

    Zephrya (is this supposed to be Zephyra?) Harding

    Zephrya Everett

    Zephrya Cantrell

    Zephrya Reed

    Zephrya Parks

    Luna Duncan

    Luna Shepherd

    Luna Logan

    Luna Knight

    Luna Reeves

    Ebony Roth

    Ebony Michaelson

    Ebony Love

    Ebony O'Brien

    Ebony Pennington

    Skyler Avery

    Skyler Case

    Skyler Alston

    Skyler Weston

    Skyler Owen

    Kyle Holloway

    Kyle England

    Kyle Ivanov

    Kyle Johns

    Kyle Eve

    Drake Whitman

    Drake Adams

    Drake Griffin

    Drake Brighton

    Drake Kinney

    Sam Wyatt

    Sam Brennan

    Sam Rivers

    Sam Carter

    Sam Briton

    Eddie Buck

    Eddie Snow

    Eddie Hart

    Eddie Mathews

    Eddie Winters

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  • 9 years ago

    so a 14 year old as to choose who to be with? maybe make them older cuz at fourteen you are together for a day and then like someone else.... sounds a lot like twilight

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  • 9 years ago

    I personally think you have to many characters hence to many to many things happening.

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