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Where does the sport of hockey rank in all of the sports of the world?

Where does the sport of hockey rank in all of the sports of the world?

BQ* what is your #1 pet peeve when you're at the grocery store?

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    In terms of what?

    Outside of the United States, the Stanley Cup final ranks ahead of the World Series and NBA playoffs in terms of total viewers. The Olympic Ice Hockey Gold medal game garners more advertising for the IOC than any other team sport (including basketball) and ranks not far behind the Women's figure skating final and the men's 100m dash.

    In most European countries, hockey is a profitable sports and trails only European Association Football (soccer to us) and Formula 1 from a continental perspective from a revenue basis.

    North America aside, internationally, ice hockey is quite a huge revenue maker worldwide, trailing only soccer, golf, and Formula 1 and relatively on par with basketball, football, and tennis.

    Source(s): Street and Smith's Business Sports Journal circa 2007
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    Maybe top ten but not much higher than that. It's an eclectic sport. Lots of places don't have ice but they can kick a ball around. Any kind of ball. Kicking a golf ball might hurt, though.

    BQ* I, too, work in a grocery store. What pisses me off the most is when people decide they don't want something and drop it wherever they feel like it. That's from a working stand point. It takes three seconds to put stuff back where you got it. From a shopping point, I hate the first of the month when all the old folks are shopping (yes, I am an old folk but I KNOW how to stay out of the way) and stop to chat not caring that they are blocking aisles.

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    game 2002 Estimates of contributors international form of Affiliated national Federations Volleyball 998 Million 218 Basketball 4 hundred Million 211 table Tennis 3 hundred Million 186 soccer 242 Million 204 Badminton 2 hundred Million 147 Tennis 60 Million 191 Baseball 60 Million one hundred ten Dragon Boat Racing 50 Million 51 team Handball 18 Million 147 Hockey 3 million 118 Judo 2.5 Million 187 Rugby 2 Million ninety seven cycling six hundred,000 a hundred and sixty Bocce Pending 72 Cricket Pending seventy 4

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    On a world perspective, pretty high, maybe below rugby, definitely below soccer (face it, not much ice in Brazil and those other countries that obsess over it.) It's pretty big in Europe though, they have the World Championships (which, personally, I think Canada and USA should care a little more about.)

    In North America, it depends where you go. USA, most people care more about football, baseball, and basketball. Canada, it's all anyone seems to care about. Mexico, they like soccer.

    BQ, I hate it when people block whole aisles and just stand there, ignoring you.

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    I would say it's in the top ten as follows:

    1. Soccer

    2. Baseball

    3. Basketball

    4. Table Tennis

    5. Cycling

    6. Volleyball

    7. Ice hockey

    8. Badminton

    9. Rugby

    10. Team Handball

    BQ: People in the express lane having way more that 10 items lol, plus the other lines are extremely full.

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    hockey's the best!!!!! i love hockey! baseball's up there too, but hockey's really awesome!!! for me, it'd be #1 or #2 not sure which would come first, that or baseball. i love them both!

    ..and for the grocery store, there's lots of things that annoy me. but this one thing, like i've seen a few times, people making out. like, couldn't you find a better place to do that than in the grocery store?

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    If I had to take a guess I would rank them as the following:

    1. Soccer

    2. Cricket

    3. Basketball

    4. Rugby

    5. Ice Hockey

    BQ: I work at a Grocery Store and there is TONS of things that piss me...customers piss me off the most.

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    My guess would be somewhere around top 10 i have to think that soccor, baseball, football, golf, tennis and maybe rugby are all more popular but after that i start to draw blanks...

    BQ* The fact that people will find me 6 isles away and ask me to get something off the top shelf or to check to see if something is up there.. its not i mind doing it but did you have to walk across the store to find me.. that more or less already tells me that you saw me.. made note of me then stalked me down to go grab your can of cajun sardines.. I always want to make then Lurch grumble noice he makes when one of the Adams say something to him as i walk away (I should note i dont mind doing it for old people or crippled people its the lazy *** 20 something that angers me)

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    It is, and always will be, the greatest sport ever. How do you think the concept "Jesus Saves" came about? That's right. Because he was an Ed Belfour fan. And we all know Ed Belfour is the reason hockey lives on to this day.

    Source(s): My brain.
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    Right up there with darts and bowling. come on 3/4 of the world is always in a warm climate.

    BQ People who interrupt you when I'm trying to give my girl a beefy bologna, or the peppy peperoni etc

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