Questions on joining the Peace Corps?

I have been in a 2 1/2 year EMT/Paramedic program. I eventually want to go to school for criminal justice. Is the Paramedic program enough to be accepted? I see you need 4 years so would I need to go back to school for something else? Its my dream to be in the peace corps. I'm taking English and Spanish, also art as minor classes.

What would I need to be surely accepted?

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    Why don't you talk to a recruiter? Thats what they're there for.

    Peace Corps looks for skilled invididuals with a good trck record o fvoluneer service. i would seem to me -- though I am not a recruiter -- that an EMT/Paramedic program would qualify as "skilled."

    I have degrees and qualified under that, but you might be interested to know that :Peace Corps considered me qualified to serve as a health volunteer since I had Red Cross training and experience. I'd think that you'd be a couple steps --- heck, a whole ladder! -- above that.

    Also note, Peace Corps is turning 50 next year. It's not going away, so you can do it later in life. It's not something you have to do by the time you're X years old.

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  • L gave you great advice.

    I have a lot more advice to help you be accepted into the Peace Corps here:

    The advice is about volunteering and training you should be pursuing now to improve your chances for acceptance.

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