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While known for feeding the masses, this specialty stirs things up with a utensil at home around a herd of a d?

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    This is the first time I have responded to ANY of the "YahooAnswers" for the Marlboro contest.

    I am in the same boat as everyone else in that #14 really kicked my butt. Now for #21-

    Here are my answers for this week- I dont need anyone to respond as I have already submitted my answers. All I am doing is addidng some "what if's" to everyone elses thinkin.

    Good luck

    #21- The Cook (it says "this specialty STIRS THINGS UP W/A UTENSIL".... it didnt say this specialty is stirred up with nor did it say the specialty is a utensil that stirs up. The Cook or A Cook or Cook is a Specialty.

    #22 North- go to this website- the portion on the marlboro site starts with 'my hoss threw me off"- but if you go back to the beginning of the song it says he was headed UP the trail. At the point where his horse threw him off, he was still headed to ...not headed home.

    #23 What did the MAKERS MAKE? The makers (dont matter who or what the makers were) MADE PERSUADERS (spurs). Now I cant tell ya whether to capitalize the S or not.

    #24 Pull up #13 catalog-you will be linked to Montgomery Ward. Okay- so you have that. Now pull up Montgomery Ward No 13 original catalog. One of those sites I was able to actually see copies of the pages. Yes they sold imported (from France) perfume, they sold whiskey and they sold Pellisier(a luggage box) but I didnt see poker chips on any of those pages.

    #25 Carville and Taber. Three men were involved in the robbery of a stage coach (Ben E Kuhl, Ed Beck and William McGraw) In 1917, Ben Kuhl was prosecuted for murder by Edward P Carville and was sentenced by Judge Errol TaBER. In 1945 Carville and TaBER BOTH voted to release Kuhl from prison.

    Good luck everyone and thanks to everyone else that has so GRACIOUSLY shared answers-whether they were wrong or right. Its been fun- see yall in the next 5 weeks.

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    A specialty can be a job. Therefore a chuck wagon cook can be the answer. He feeds the masses, and also stirs things up, (stew or chili) with a utensil such as a branding iron handle. A branding iron handle is more at home around a herd of cattle that it is around a herd of people that are being fed.

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    The greater I examine all human beings's solutions and then the Marlboro question the greater i'm leaning in the direction of the respond being a guy or woman. The "forte" stirs issues up with a utensil. Chili and pitchforks do no longer stir - a cook dinner does. A cook dinner fed plenty and a cook dinner feeds their "herd" at abode. A "herd" by ability of definition is extremely some animals of one style stored at the same time below human administration (does not say what number the style is). A "herd" of a diverse nature could be a relatives and the cook dinner prepares the meal utilising the utensil for their relatives. only one thing diverse to think of roughly.

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    But thinking more into it and seeing other answers, I have to agree with the answer of Chili. Wyoming, the state which I grew up in, was always REALLY big on chili, especially Chugwater Wyoming. I have seen the answer though of Branding Iron Chili, which uses 2 or 3 different kinds of meats (lbs of meats) along with all sorts of specialty hot sauces and even what appeared to be whiskey! The recipe feeds 12 people.

    I had at one time thought it might be pork ribs, as places which serve these smoked/BBQ treats SERVE them in masses.

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    Many people enjoy a fried onion blossom as an appetizer when dining out. But it is possible to create fried onion blossoms at home as well. To prepare the onion blossoms, there is a handy kitchen tool that is known as the fried onion blossom utensil. Used to slice an onion so that the sections resemble the petals of an open blossom, the fried onion blossom makes enjoying your favorite restaurant treat a home experience. Here is some information about the construction of the fried onion blossom utensil, and some suggested uses for this handy kitchen tool.

    Source(s): what is a fried inon blossom utensil. The question does not say it is history. Onion Blossoms are well known in the West
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    I think its a mom. Feeding the masses (KIDS) stirs things up more at home, with herd of another nature (HER FAMILY)

    oh well just a guess

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    Just a thought but it says "a herd of a different nature" maybe it's the person who feeds the horses or cows. A different herd that that of humans? I can't think of the right word though.

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    ok just thinking out loud for now......

    first thought was Chuck wagon or chuck wagon stew, but after searching and searching I am leaning toward staples,

    let me explain staples, staples are everything you would put on the chuck wagon, dough, beans, flour, utensils, all STAPLES, so this thought and that thought comes up with

    Chuck wagon Staples.

    2nd thought I read where the cookie stirs up pastries also, so I am at a confusion level now that I am not sure but those are my thoughts, also read where they used wilderness yeast but haven't looked that up yet. after week 4 we have 515 points lookin like glasses and some jerky for us.

    good luck

    Source(s): researching the web!
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    Buffalo Wings

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    its pitch fork fondue 90%

    feeds the masses, useing a utensil, n it asks for the specialty guys not who!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it also feeds a herd of ppl :D

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