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Peyton manning vs Tom brady?? Whos is better?

Peyton for sure, i am a huge colt's fan but that is not why i am picking manning. Although they both have rocket arms and great teams backing them up. Peytons knowledge of the game and his ability to read a defense in any situation surpasses bradys skills. Peyton doesn't even need an offensive coordinator or coach at that, he is the whole team.


RJ, just needed reassurance lol thanks

Update 2:

BOSTONS BEST, that pick was hank baskets fault not peytons bro..

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    Well that link right there will cover most of the answer.

    I want to address your "doesn't even need an offensive coordinator or coach at that, he is the whole team" thing.

    1. How is he the whole team? Does he play ANY defensive position? No? Oh ok well that just got shot down.

    2. Peyton's "knowledge of the game and his ability to read a defense in any situation" must have been in hibernation during the Super Bowl when Tracy Porter took Manning's pass for the Saints score.

    3. If you say that they both have "rocket arms" and "great teams backing them up" then I guess all we can look at is who won. That answer is Tom Brady.

    The problem with your question is pretty much the whole thing. You don't even give Manning a fighting chance.

    Besides the fact that you are a Colts fan you give no reason at all to pick Manning.

    Did you watch the Monday Night Football game? Was it when Jon Gruden kept saying "look at Manning read the defense and change the play at the line of scrimmage" that you concocted this idea in your head that he was all-powerful?

    The problem with analysts and announcers and the casual fan (who is pretty much an idiot) is that they hear Gruden praise Manning for all the good plays he calls but never the bad ones.

    Since Manning is the offensive coordinator and his "ability to read a defense in any situation surpasses bradys skills" I can only hope you mean that all Manning's plays are successful.

    I Manning reads the defense so well then his receivers should always be wide open cause Manning knows the weak spots. The running plays should never be stopped. The problem is they are cause Manning isn't that great. He gets applauded for his good reads but is exempt from the mistakes.

    Perfect example was the MNF game. Manning threw 19 incompletions against the WORST PASS DEFENSE IN THE NFL!!!!!! But it couldn't have been his fault. He reads defenses so well. Oh....wait.

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  • 9 years ago

    Tom Brady.

    Peyton Manning has the luxury of playing half of his games in a dome where his stats won't be affected the weather. Fact is Manning never wins when he plays in the snow. Watch numerous playoff games for evidence. On the other hand, Brady plays a decent number of games in cold, snowy Foxborough.

    Also, Manning had some excellent receivers for years while Brady waited until 2007 to get an elite receivers in Moss and Welker. Even then he still threw to about 10 different guys while Manning mainly stuck with Harrision and Wayne. Also, did you remember how explosive Brady's stats were that year when he finally got good receivers? Imagine if he had them most of his career like Manning.

    Brady came out of nowhere off the bench for Bledsoe and took the Patriots right to the Super Bowl while it took Manning years into his career. Brady went to 4 Super Bowls and won 3 while Manning went to 2 Super Bowls and won one. At the end of the day, that stat matters the most.

    Source(s): Both are Hall of Fame QBs though nonetheless. It's like comparing Marino to Montana.
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  • 9 years ago

    Super Bowl Record:

    Tom Brady 3-1

    Peyton Manning 1-1

    What more needs to be said Tom Brady doesn't put up the monster stats but theres a reason the Pats signined him to a deal worth $20 million a year and that's because he always finds a way to win. May I also remind you that pEyton Manning threw a key INT in the Super Bowl last year that cost them the game and I am willing to bet Tom Brady would not have thrown that pick.

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  • Jim G
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    9 years ago

    I am a Patriots fan and am more impressed with Manning. As they say "he makes all the throws". His quick dartlike release makes it harder to stop than Brady, who is a winner.

    Football is a team sport and the Patriots have won more titles cuz of their defense stopping the Colts. Now the Colts have beaten the Patriots 5 of the last 7. Good news tho - we play Colts in New England this year, in the cold of mid November.

    Cannot go wrong with either QB

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Super Bowls are a measure of teams, and Brady has had better personnel and coaches in his career. Peyton's knowledge of defenses and the repoire he builds with his receivers is unmatched in the history of the sport. Peyton is better than Brady.

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  • 9 years ago

    OMG PEYTON MANNING BY FAR! He IS the whole team. Tom Brady was lucky back then. If you have a fantasy football team, peyton is like 7 ranks higher than Tom Brady. Sometimes people even bench Tom in my league.

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  • Bill B
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    9 years ago

    Brady 14-4 in the playoffs, Manning 9-9. And to the folks that beleive Vinatieri won two SBs, you should really know what you are talking about. Vinatieri did not drive the offense into field goal range after the 2 minute warning. That is like saying that a team that drives to the one and wins on a one yard plunge by the fullback, only won because of the fullback.

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  • 9 years ago

    First of all it doesn't matter about the superbowl ring. It matter who win the game.

    Manning IS the Colts. He can change the play and make the defense think that he on the same play. Manning got the brian. He can win the game in Reg season, but can be a playoff chokers sometime. Brady on the other hand is the older version of manning, ELI manning. He can win the games but he can lose it when defenses confuse him.

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  • lol,why answer your own question?Anyways if your a colts fan of course you are gonna say Peyton,Tom is better for sure 3 rings compared to 1 and he played in 4,also Peyton has more (4 i think)years on brady yet brady still has more rings,and he did it in cold weather peyton did it in a dome,

    Tom is better


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