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How much does a nasal polyp removal cost for a cat?

My cat may have a polyp in his nose, and is very sick. The vet said that x rays need to be taken to see. I if he has one, while he is under anesthetics for the x rays they will remove it. I would like to know if anyone has had to do this, and how much it cost them!?

any info would be appreciated.

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    Ask 'em. They should be able to give a ballpark figure at least. Most vets have estimates for fairly common procedures itemized and copied, ready to hand out. Good luck!

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    Cat Nasal Polyps

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    I don't know what it will cost but if you don't get it removed it will keep growing and block the breathing passages nose and throat. This blockage will kill your cat. Now it is up to you to get it done or not. Ask your vet the cost they and tell you about what it will cost. We can't.

    R P CAT

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