Do think Flowers for Algernon had an inspiring or tragic ending?

I'm talking about the short story, but you can refer to the novel.

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    I hadn't read Flowers for Algernon yet, when one day (unfortunately) I overheard someone discuss the ending with her friend. To me it's an ending that's both inspiring and tragic. It can be both can't it? What intelligence did to the MC in the end taught me not to think of myself as superior to others just because of a higher intelligence. Just like beauty, intelligence doesn't last forever. What good does it do if you're smart but are arrogant and self-centered? Intelligence doesn't make someone a better person than the other. It may actually make you a worse person. Intelligence is a gift that should be used for good cause. Don't base your goodness as a person solely on intelligence. Soon your intelligence won't matter as much as more important things in life (family, friends, morality). Some people wish to be a genius (including me) but now I realize that there are drawbacks that I may not be able to handle. .......i started this answer with a good speeech in mind but now suddenly im tired and confused. didnt really write a very good, organized response right here. so.....I might be back to edit sometime...

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    i just had to read this book for literature, and i think this book had an tragically inspiring end. But if this is a school question and u had to choose inspiring or tragic, i would be very hard for me to choose. On one hand, it is inspiring because Charlie is a mentally disabled man, who is constantly judged and made fun of, and he overcomes that and proves everyone wrong. But on the other hand it is tragic because Charlie has to have an operation for people to think he is intelligant. I was definately not expecting him to die or algernon. So it is tragic because this disabled man, who only longed to be wanted and accepted by society, grows apart from everyone he has ever loved, and has to move to a different place where people dont know the past him.

    hope i helped! im only in middle school!

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