Do have have a story about a Bad Doctor?

I'm looking for true stories that people want to share about having a bad doctor.

What's yours?


PS. I may take the best stories and post them to

If that's okay?

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  • 9 years ago
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    K so first my aunt has her surgery and it goes great. Before the surgery though the doctor had to ask her questions to figure out how she wanted to carry on. The nurse came in and told her the doc would be there at 12:00. Later she said it would be 1:30. After that she said he would be there at 2. So my aunt's friend goes downstairs to get a sandwich. When she returns the doc isn't there and it's 2:00. They ended up waiting until 5:00 when the doctor had finally arrived. After the surgery she was resting and the doctor came in and asked "how are you feeling?" She responded "im fine but i think i need some more energy." Then the doc said "K got it" and walked out of the room to check on other patients.

  • 9 years ago

    haha u cant be serious

    anyways my doc use to sit in his office with like a broken leg and literally not use to get up from the chair at all so the patient always had to come beside him on the chair

    oh on top of that he once said to my wat had ur husband been feeding u u have gotten fat when she hadn't. she was like wat the hell r u saying

    anyways, he has a broken leg, a bended back and can't walk that mucha nd literally ask the receptionist to get him food all the time, she is not his servant or anything

  • 9 years ago

    My old doctor used to give people medication without actually prescribing it to them. He got fired...

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