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How did John Wall get into Word of God Christian Academy when he was in high school?

The tuition is 5,000 dollars and only 180 go there

Also John's father passed away when he was 9 and his mother had to support him and his two sisters

by working as a hotel maid. How was she able to pay the tuition and how was john able to get accepted because the other high school he went to he had a bad attitude and was cut from the high school basketball team so why would word of god christian academy accept him

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    Well there's something called a scholarship which private schools have the privilege of handing out. Talented students or athletes, like John Wall, don't have to pay tuition if the school board decides to endow them with a scholarship. When it comes to the attitude problems, I'm sure the Word of God Academy was able to overlook that on account of his incredible basketball talent.

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    Word Of God Academy Raleigh

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    Wall played his first two years of high school basketball at Garner Magnet High School in Garner, North Carolina. After his second season, his family moved to Raleigh, and Wall repeated his sophomore year at Needham B. Broughton High School. Despite a very impressive tryout, Wall was cut from the Broughton basketball team for attitude-related issues. As a result Wall transferred from Broughton High School to Word of God Christian Academy, also in Raleigh

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    Additional information required

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    well, in college, i think he had a 3.6 gpa, which is very good. im in the same situation as he was in, except my tuition is 10,000. i get finiancial aid. but i got a scholarship also, which he probably got. his mom probably knew that he would make it to the nba, or at least get a scholarship to go to college, so they knew that they would pay it off eventually. just like how lebron jame's mom bought him a hummer, even though she had no money, because she knew that he was going to the nba.

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    It's a very good question, looking forward to reading the replies

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    lol the tuition is like pocket cash to him now

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