What is the movie called where this man cheats on his wife(who is white) with a black woman.?

I really thought Keanu Reeves was in the movie, but i looked him up but I still can't find the movie. I think the black woman is a slave or a helper of the house, I can't remember. There's a love scene where the wife can hear the two of them outside on the porch. I can't really think of anymore. I know it's not alot to work off of, sorry. :/ Help?

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    Wide Sargasso Sea

    (1993) NC-17

    Jean Rhys, who penned the book on which this movie is based, was inspired by Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre, imagining the life of the first Mrs. Rochester, Antoinette Cosway (Karina Lombard), a Creole woman forced to marry Mr. Rochester (Nathaniel Parker). Against all odds, Antoinette ends up loving Mr. Rochester, but her secrets ultimately threaten everything.

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    Maybe Jefferson in Paris?

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