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What wins World Series?

What is key to winning the World Series?Offense,defense,pitching,or coaching.

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    I've always said that the playoffs are a bit of a toss-up. Any team that gets to the playoffs can get to the World Series. And I think that the Giants and Rangers proved that. Neither one was the best in the regular season, but they cruised through the playoffs.

    But there is one requirement: shutdown pitching. Any playoff team can win, but it really helps if that team has at least one, preferably two, top-tier starting pitchers.

    Just look at this year's playoffs:

    The Twins and Reds have no aces. They got swept.

    The Braves have good pitchers, but no real ace. They lost in the LDS.

    The Yankees and Phillies advanced in part because CC Sabathia and Roy Halladay shut down opposing lineups in the LDS.

    The Rangers got to the World Series because Cliff Lee handled the Yankees.

    And the Giants won the World Series because Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum were unhittable in the postseason.

    So any team can win as long as they have at least one true ace. That's bad news for my Twins (unless Francisco Liriano can take the next step). But it's good news for your Tigers - if they make the playoffs next year, Justin Verlander will give them a huge advantage.

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    Many would say pitching is what wins the world series, but even the greatest pitching staffs have lost to supposedly weaker teams (1906, 1966, 1969, 1990 just to mention a few).

    In my opinion what really wins the world series is momentum. The team that is on a roll will win, such thing happened with the Dodgers in 1988, the Marlins in 1997 and 2003, and many others. Even the Rangers this year, who didnt win the world series, had that momentum that allowed them to eliminate better teams like the Rays and Yankees.

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    Pitching is the biggest key. Good pitching almost always beats good hitting. Clutch hitting comes next. Game 5 Lee pitched great. One bad pitch to Rentaria and one clutch swing was all the Giants needed. But that was a case of good pitching vs. good pitching. If Lincecum doesn't pitch lights out that night, 3 runs wouldn't have been enough to win.

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    well they are all important in some respects. But the pitching is probably on top of the list. And here is my order with my reasons:

    Pitching- it may not have to be the greatest but it should be good enough to try to shut down the opposition.

    defense-A pitcher as we all know can't always strike out every batter he faces even though it would be nice. You need a team to help back you up.

    Offense- Even though it is nice to get 11 runs in a game, If your pitcher and your defense can help shut down the opposition, all you really need is 1 or 2 runs.

    And last but not least Coaching- your coaches are an important member of the team. they can see if your tired give pointers just whatever.

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    Good pitching and clutch hitting. Good pitching can't do everything when the offense can't get the big hit at the right time (but then if the offense can't do that then the other team's good pitching is winning the game for them).

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    well the San Francisco Giants proved that good pitching is a key to success in the series

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    Well, the Red sox and the Yankees will still be the same, along with the Cubs and Dodgers and the Giants. I'm going to go with the San Antonio Suns (formerly known as the Marlins 1993-2045) vs the Boston Red Sox. It's the 22nd century by the way.

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    The key to winning is the same in any other game scoring more runs than the other team!

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    Pitching and defense as well as clutch hits.

    But it all delves down to pitching and defense

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