Because I "see through the eyes of a child" would Science label me as having a personality disorder?

It is difficult for me to communicate with those who are my age..some younger and some older, but kids I have no problem.


I am wise enough to appreciate great company!

Update 2:

I agree Marilyn about your statement about the elderly and one can see why they say eff it! They also are seeing through the inner child...Life is passing us all by quickly and we worry and fear which creates animosity, etc...

As far as narcissists I was married to one and my father is one. My X is an extreme narcissist compared to my dad who has mellowed over the years now he is 80. I agree however if we label even them it is just as disadvantageous, however I really do not know what or who could reach them.

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    Omg I have felt the same about communicating..

    Also, I had been compared to as having the eyes or thought/manner of a child..

    This was said by my younger sister, whom might've meant it as a pseudo "compliment" at the time but I know for a fact she believes that schizophrenics have childlike personalities.. I know for a fact that she's judgemental and usually thinks there's something wrong with me, however I also know that she is a paranoid watchful person and is sort of just biased in her ideas about "mental health and disorders." Since our mother was depressed and had been diagnosed with schizophrenia, that affected her whole fear and view on things. I do not like that manner of looking at things, I try to work with and against the stigma..

    Mostly our father had agrivated the situation due to his misunderstanding of the condition, he sort of put it in our heads or treated her as if she was "not right" and sometimes accused us of being "like our mother" which was like a really mentally abusive insult to both us and our mother at the same time..

    So I dont like or appreciate when people come around and try to be snobs about mental health issues and disorders. There can be such stigma on it, I don't like. Like they say, Everyone can battle depression at some point of their life.. -->That is a very positive approach to mental health issues.

    And I don't think that like, seeing through the eyes of a child should be labelled as a disorder it's maybe superficial because if you were an elderly lady like say, 86 years old, people would just think you're cute an fun to be around.. No one gives a cr8p bout those things in old age, thats whats so great about the elderly.. they just say eff it and smile

    I do believe in studying Narcissists though, I just think it's an issue when they're bullies and it creates pathology that's detriment to the quality and safety of everyone's lives including the narcissist.. I see them sometimes as supervillains but maybe labelling them would be offensive too, they would easily take offense to it

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    The question is, Do you view politics and make political decisions through the eyes of a child? I have no problems communicating with people of all ages. I see the world through eyes that science would seem insane and I would know because I am a science teacher.

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    Science may label everyone, but seeing through the eyes of a child is a gift, not to throw away for the sake of science.

    I do the same, and I find it marvelous. I communicate well with kids because I see through their eyes, but adults may find me difficult to understand.

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    Seeing through the eyes of innocence, is a wonderful thing. It something i wish i could do. They would probably label you as some such nonsense, because everything needs to have a label for some reason. Just ignore them.

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    9 years ago

    It depends on how you actually relate to children. When you interact, do you "become" a child in your speech and actual voice, thinking, actions and mannerisms? More importantly, do YOU believe you actually become a child when you interact with them? If so, they may look into you having Multiple Personality Disorder.

    If you just prefer to interact with children because they are innocent, honest, fun loving and non don't have a personality disorder. You are just smart enough to appreciate good company.


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    I wouldn't worry about that. Science nowadays has a label for almost every thing. the names they come up with disorders? oh God, it is starting to not make sense no more. if you are good with kids, i would say, just enjoy it. enjoy anything this world allows you to enjoy.


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    Probably cause most of them don't understand things of Spirit, Jesus commanded us to be "as a child" for they are the ones who enter the "Kingdom of Heaven".

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