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would you go on a second date if the guy wanted to take you out to McD's?

i went on my first date last night and i suggested different types of restaurants for him and at the end he said "u wana go to mcdonalds, burger king, or in n out?" i was super hella pissed

do u think im overreacting?


we went out to eat to dennys instead surrounded by hobos...

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    I'd say it's fair to be a bit upset. However, it's important that you tell the guy how you felt about it or else he may never know that it upset you. Maybe he honestly doesn't know that it's not typically a good place to take a girl on a first date. Some guys are clueless to that kind of stuff.

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    properly for one that is decrease priced and shabby. there may be loud babies and teens there so which you adult adult males does not have the potential to hearken to what the different is asserting and to not point out maximum McDonald are filthy. you may to boot take her to a warm canines stand and make her take a seat on the cut back. At any time a woman can visit a quickly meals joint on her very own yet on a date i think of she might anticipate some project a splash nicer the place she will possibly order an glass of wine or something. quickly meals does not grant this. in case you won't have the capacity to arise with the money for a sturdy eating place then try making a house cooked meal.

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    LMFAO. Wow. Not laughing at you but seriously, the first date is a chance for the guy to impress you. McDonalds? In-and-Out? BK? Not so much.

    Either he is trying to see if you're after money and a gold digger, or he just has literally NO idea how to impress you or any desire to impress you. Maybe he doesn't see this going too far in regards to a relationship.

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    how old are you guys? if you are over 20 then yeah you've got a reason to be mad, but if you are 14 idk what you expect, guys don't have a whole lotta money at that age. maybe next time offer to go somewhere nicer, but pay for your own meal . good luck

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    wait . . . whats wrong with In-n-Out?

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