Looking for an accordion?

I have always wanted an accordion and now Ive started actively looking for one. I want to know what options are and I don't want to get anything but quality. I'm looking for something smaller and easier to play. My price range is <1000$.

Any websites with good ones? Where should I shop and ask what other questions. Should I get one with the keyboard or not. What are brands to look out for

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    1 decade ago
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    You can try here for it.


  • John C
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    1 decade ago

    You didn't say where you were located. Do not buy one off the web unless you can go and look at it first. There are many things that can be wrong internally in one and unless you see and try it, you will not know. Also different kinds sound and may be tuned differently. There are several accordion shops that are listed on the web that are reliable and will warrant their products. Philidelphia Bellows, Accordion-o-Rama, Accordions Plus, come to mind immediatly to me as they are the nearest ones to me but there are several others around the country (assuming you are in the US?) A piano keyboard is the most common in the US and over 90% of the accordion teachers use this one. The button accordions are more prevalent in Europe and have some disctinct advantages over the Piano keyboard but if you are in the US you will have a hard time finding music instruction.

    Your best bet is to locate a local accordion club and go to one of their meetings and see what others are playing and how their accordion sounds. Many teachers also rent accordions or have a contact who does. Also you might join one of the accordion Yahoo groups like Accordion Freedom Forum and ask there. There is is high degree of probability that one or more of the members lives somewhere near you and can give you some local advice about dealers. There are many different kinds of accordion with good and bad ones of each kind. For $1K you should be able to get a pretty decent used one. Be wary of some of the chinese imports that are advertised as "Italian designed". Many are junk imitation ripoffs with Italian sounding names. You really should have someone knowledgeable go with you when you purchase one. Things like, how many voices, tuning, construction, reed condition, bellows condition, sound, etc. are all things to consider.

    Good Luck!

    John C.

  • 1 decade ago

    Finding a good quality accordion can be difficult. I would recommend talking to an accordion teacher if you plan on taking lessons, they would gladly help you find a quality instrument and usually know who is selling used accordions. This is how i obtained my accordion, but this was after several months of starting with a terrible accordion. It is much more difficult to find a good accordion if you do not already know a lot about them. Many new accordions today are made in china and are not good instruments. Those that are made new in Italy and at other high quality factories are very expensive to buy new. So if you can get help locally getting a used instrument, that would be ideal.

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