What are the organisational objectives of Pakistan International Airlines?

What are the organisational objectives of Pakistan International Airlines?

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    * Focus on customer defined quality attributes and endeavor to shape processes and operations to achieve quality objectives without compromising safety and legal requirements;

    * Prevent or minimize all aspects that can lead to unacceptable impacts on environment;

    * Ensure adequate management of occupational health and safety of our employees and others involved in our areas of activity;

    * Abide by all applicable national & international legislation, adopt best industry practices and conform to the requirement of the subscribed standards for self and for outsourced services;

    * Continually improve the effectiveness of PIA’s Quality & HSE Management Systems and to regularly review its components for their suitability;

    * Provide for all necessary resources to achieve the defined Quality & HSE objectives; to bring all risks to an acceptable level or as low as reasonably practicable.

    * Ensure that all required audits are conducted and reviewed regularly. All employees shall cooperate fully with internal and external auditors to achieve our goal of continuous improvement keeping in view the challenges of changing environments.

    * Ensure active participation of representatives from relevant areas in all Quality & HSE related decision making and shall ensure that good performance is recognized and rewarded.

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    I think it is providing national and international flights at a great price and good service. just like any other airline.


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