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1) I've just recently been tested for tuberculosis with the skin test. Most of the time, I'm ALWAYS positive when it comes to the skin test. Why is it that physicians continue to perform the skin test if I'm always positive? Am I supposed to inform them that I'd rather do the chest x-ray? From what I heard, they try to limit the use of x-rays due to radiation. Is this true?

2) When I go for the chest x-ray, are the results immediately given? or do I have to wait? I need the results soon.

3) If I have active TB in my lungs, are there any symptoms and do I kiss my health care career good bye? (treatments take too long)

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  • Lak
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    10 years ago
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    TB skin tests should not be given to people that have a documented positive test in the past. However if you do not bring these results with you to the testing, they will do the test again. Get documentation of your positive tests and carry it with you when you are screened for TB. Even if you were treated for latent TB in the past, the skin test will continue to be positive and repeat testing is not indicated. Repeat chest x-rays in these people is also NOT recommended, unless there is some reason to think they have active TB, i.e. if they have developed symptoms of TB. When chest x-rays are done it is usually a day or two to get the results back.

    I would advise you to contact your local health department and speak with the person who handles TB. They will want to know if you were foreign-born, if you ever got BCG vaccine, if you have any symptoms, of TB, when you had the positive tests and how large the reactions were, and if you have ever been treated for TB. They can advise you from there.

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    You probably have latent TB. Has anyone ever told you that? You are not contagious when you have latent TB. Or maybe you received the TB vaccine when you were young.

    That would cause you to be positive on the skin test.

    Yes an x-ray would tell right away. But how often are you required to have the xray. Are you saying you must have frequent xrays if you work in the medical field?

    Yes, active TB has quite a few symptoms. You would know something was wrong if you had TB.

    Symtoms of TB:

    A cough with thick, cloudy, and sometimes bloody mucus from the lungs (sputum) for more than 2 weeks.

    Fever, chills, and night sweats.

    Fatigue and weakness.

    Loss of appetite and unexplained weight loss.

    Shortness of breath and chest pain.

  • Amber
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    My skin test was positive too, twice. They say it happens all the time. If you have TB, you'd probably know it. Night sweats, coughing, that sort of thing. The chest x-ray results will probably be given immediately, if they aren't ask the person taking the x-ray. It's obvious when someone has TB in there lungs. I highly doubt you have it, it is extremely rare these days.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Last time I heard TB was damn near must have tried pretty hard to contract it. And yes, doctors are trying to use less x-rays because radiation causes cancer, go figure.

    And try webmd for the symptom list I'm too lazy to do the work for you.

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