weather & climate.environmental science. what word goes with this Definition?


1. forms over warm ocean waters and sometimes pass over coastal land

. of gradual temperature change in the oceans seperating warm and cold water.

3.boundary between an advancing mass of warm air and the cooler one it is replacing

4.leading edge of an advancing mass or cold air

5.local climatic conditions created by various topographic features of the earths surface.

6.rotating column of air that forms over land with a characteristic funnel cloud

7. forces in the atmosphere deflect winds to the right in the northern hemisphere and the left in the

southern hemisphere

8. boundary between two air masses with different temperatures and densities

9.condition of the tropospheric or weather conditions, including seasonal variations and weather extremes.

10.tropical cyclone that forms in the Atlantic ocean

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    1: Tropical cyclone

    2: ??

    3: Warm front

    4: Cold front

    5: ?? Vague, microclimate maybe

    6: Tornado

    7: Coriolis

    8: Front

    9: ?? Vague/poor wording, climate possibly

    10: Tropical storm/hurricane

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