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how did china influence vietnam culturally?

after the colonisation and when china invaded vietnam?

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    Vietnam was a province of China for thousands of years.After that it became a Kingdom of China.King of vietnam had to offer tribute as a vassal state.So before Vietnam independented in 19th,there were not such many differences between China and Vietnam.Vietnam even wrote Chinese and spoke Chinese.Most northern Vietnam are Han Chinese.They have the same holidays with Chinese,they can even join the imperial examination of China.So u can say most things are same between Vietnam and China.Even the name of Vietnam is offered by the Chinese Emperor Jiajing,you can check it on history book.Before 19th independence of Vietnam,all history books and official articles were writen in Chinese.The funny thing is,even the Vietnam commie party's official denunciation of the enemy was writen in Chinese.

    But things changed in 19th independence and the commie rules Vietnam.The commie of Vietnam forced its people to use Vietnamnese and drop Chinese.The commie also try hard to erase all things about China,the commie kicked at least 0.5 million Han Chinese out of their home and the Viet commie killed many Han Chinese in the name of communism,you can check it on wiki.That is why China decided to punish Vietnam.

    Some Asian country like Vietnam Korean Mongol are afraid of China because they were once part of China during Qing Dynasty or some earlier Dynasty.

    Source(s): History book,wiki,history paper
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    China is the 700 pound guerrilla on the East Asian block. Their culture has influenced the culture of every nation surrounding them from Japan and Korea in the North, to Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia in the South. Tibet to the West has also been heavily influenced by Chinese culture. None of the nations surrounding China like it very much. The Vietnamese still carry a chip on their shoulder over an invasion and occupation several centuries ago.

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    Vietnam hates China although Vietnam has a lot of Ethnic Chinese. I know the Chinese suffered terrible losses when they invaded Vietnam, but China just did it to show them they could, because they have a billion people

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    vietnam killed Han people, that's why china had to fight.china did not campaign the capital city of veitnam because china just wanted to stop the killing.during the war chinese captives were crually treated.known as "dolphin"(make women soldiers pregnant, and cut their legs and arms), and to men soldiers, open the belly and fasten the intestine,then push down from high places.

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    foolish, Most northern Vietnam are Han Chinese??? read more books before answer any question, kid. I'm born & living in northern vietnam now and most of us are vietnamese. don't be confused writing with language. we used to use Chinese to write but from thousands year till now, we speak vietnamese. the vietnamese writing u see now is created by a Portuguese missionary and was adopted in french colony time, not by commie and i very happy that we don't have to use those **** chinese writing any more. btw vietnam was gained independence from chinese in 905, not 19th.

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    Through history, it approved that Vietnam kicked out Han then Mogolian & Ming invader.

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