Documents on an iPod Touch?

I have several Adobe documents that I need to have reviewed and understood, but they all range from 100-300 pages each. I obviously am not going to print them all out (all 93 of them), and I'm not on my personal computer enough to have everything reviewed conveniently.

Is it possible to somehow download my files onto my iPod Touch? If so, how?

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  • 9 years ago
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    The free app iBooks for the iPod/iPhone can be used to view these files. Make sure they are converted to PDF format first, and then dump them into your iTunes library. They will automatically be filed under the "Books" subsection. Make sure you sync them under the books tab in the device menu. Given the length of the documents, this may take a while, and a lot of space on the device. You can delete them when you're finished to recover the space they took though.

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