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What is the difference between God and Kim Jong Il?

TKA just posted: "God is the highest and Christ is the King - every knee will bow before God and every tongue will confess to God!?" (sic)


The Christians who answered are avoiding the issue, let me rephrase it: God seems like a dictator; how is that a good thing?

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    Kim Jong Il exists.

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    "A God who arrogates to Himself the right to do evil, is a tyrant; a tyrant is not a model for men. He ought to be an execrable object in their eyes. Is it not strange that, in order to justify Divinity, they made of Him the most unjust of beings? As soon as we complain of His conduct, they think to silence us by claiming that God is the Master; which signifies that God, being the strongest, He is not subjected to ordinary rules. But the right of the strongest is the violation of all rights; it can pass as a right but in the eyes of a savage conqueror, who, in the intoxication of his fury, imagines he has the right to do as he pleases with the unfortunate ones whom he has conquered; this barbarous right can appear legitimate only to slaves, who are blind enough to think that everything is allowed to tyrants, who are too strong for them to resist." - Jean Meslier, "Superstition in All Ages"


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    To some, God can seem like a dictator. But He seems like this because He created the universe, He has the right to be proud of his creation(US.) Kim Jong II doesn't have any right to treat his people the way he does; God treats his people well, after all, He created us! He loves each and every one of us; He calls us his children; He tells us we are engraved into the palms of His hands(Isaiah 49:16)! He gave His own son to suffer and DIE for us(John 3:16)! Just because God is proud and seems to control us, it doesn't mean he is anything like Kim Jong II. He cares for us and loves us, no matter what we do. Kim Jong II hardly loves anybody (Let alone the whole world like God does).God's sense to control us is not meant to DICTATE you, it's to guide you, and God is the highest! and Christ is the king! Every knee should and will bow to God. We are LOVED.

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    The difference is exactly that, Kimg Jong Il is a dictator/tyrant, God is a Father to all.

    The message is throughout the entire bible, not just one verse. Kim Jong Il demands worship by fear, God requests Love through faith

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    If God is a dictator then instead of asking this right now you would be praising him, now wouldn't you. God does not FORCE you to believe, or worship him, Kim Jong II probably did

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    Kim Jong Il exists.

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    To Kim Jong II..


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    Kim Jong Il exists unlike God.

    Since when did Kim Jong Il have anything to do w/ Religion?

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    to understand this phenomena.. think back to when u were a kid about the age of 4 or 6. and think about ur parents and the house rules. they were the higest authority of the house and u dared not test it.the same principle applies to GD. so the creator can do what HE wants cuz as the blble says we are his children and i for one will not deliberately go against what the FATHER has told me to do. and i hope that answered ur question cuz as a beleiver i really have no reason to avoid it and this is as strait to the point as i can get!

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    Kim Jong Il has better parades and he's more subtle with his genocide.

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    God is the only one worthy of worship. i think god really isn't dictating, he only wants what is best for us so he tells us what is right or wrong to get the best outcomes :)

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