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Should the Bears draft Derek Sherrod, Joseph Barksdale, or AJ Green in the first round?

AJ Green is supposed to be the next Randy Moss


healing hav eyou seen how the Bears been playing? their NOT going to get a 16th pick...probably more like top 6

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    It'll be tough for them to get Green unless they lose out and have the Bills, Panthers and Cowboys win a few games, but receiver should be a priority. If they end up picking around the middle of the draft (they're at exactly 16 right now) they'd probably have a shot at Julio Jones, Jonathan Baldwin or Michael Floyd. None of them are quite on Green's level, but all are very talented and match up pretty well with Cutler's abilities. I could see Jones being like Brandon Marshall with his ability to break tackles and punish defenders after the catch.

    Sherrod and Barksdale are okay prospects and at the top end of the tackle class, but this is a very weak class at that position and nobody is really worth taking that high. Anthony Costanzo is my top tackle at this point, but even though he's a little thin and doesn't quite have that mean streak in run blocking he's an absolute technician in pass protection.

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