pesticides that really work against common insects?





pink hybiscus white fly.

apple borers

leaf miners and leaves curling on citrus trees

black spots on pear trees.

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  • 9 years ago
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    For crickets and spiders. Glue traps along the base boards and in corners are good for spiders.

    Glue traps with some pet food or something to attract the crickets to them can trap the crickets.

    Ants. Baits for them to carry to their nest to kill the nest, the source of the ants.

    Roaches- gels are best. They eat the gel and go to the nests and this kills the others..

    White fly- Soapy water sprayed on them. A drop of lemon joy in water.

    Hybiscus fly- water and soap spray.

    Pears- Black spots can mean they are sweet or a small fly put honey dew on them and it molded or it is pear scab.

    Apple borer. Http://

    Leaf miners- maggots inside of leaves. Tear leaves off.

    Leaves curling on citrus trees. Can be from over watering or heat stress. Could be aphids. Aphids can be washed off. Or leaf miners.

  • 3 years ago

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