Fav name beginning with each letter of alphabet?

Here is mine:

A) Amelia and Alex

B) Belinda and Ben

C) Camilla and Cameron or Craig

D) Destiny and Daniel

E) Ebony or Elizabeth and Ethan

F) Faith and Fred

G) Gabriella and George

H) Hayley and Harry

I) Iris and Ivan

J) Julia and Jack or Jason

K) Katrina and Kayden

L) Louisa and Lewis

M) Melody/Melanie and Milo or Matthew

N) Natalie and Nathan

O) Opal or Olivia and Oliver

P) Pansy or Pamela and Patrick

Q) Queeny and ???

R) Ruby and Ryle or Richard

S) Stephanie or Sapphire and Stewart or Sam

T) Tamara and Taylor

U) Ursula and Usher

V) Violet and Vincent

W) Willow and William

Y) Yasmine and Y?

Z) Zara and Zach

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    A- Aurora, Alexander

    B- Brianna, Bentley

    C- Cheyenne, Carson

    D- Dana, Dwight

    E- Eden, Elijah

    F- Fanci, Fenton

    G- Gina, Graham

    H- Heidi,

    I- Ivy, Issac

    J- Jade, Jacob

    K- Kayla, Kyle

    L- Lorelei, Liam

    M- Michelle, Malachi

    N- Nicole, Nicolaus

    O-Olivia, Odie

    P-Paige, Parker

    Q- , Quinton

    R-Renee, Rhys/Reece

    S- Susan, Steven

    T-Twyla, Trey

    U-Ursula, ?

    V- Victoria, Vonn

    W- Willow, William

    X- Xena, Xander

    Z- Zoe, Zachary



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    A) Amelia, Andy

    B) Bailey, Brandon

    C) Caylee, Cole

    D) Dinara, Dylan

    E) Emma, Evan

    F) Faith, Fred

    G) Grace(Gracie), Gavin

    H) Hailey, Harry

    I) Ivy, Ian

    J) Jessie, Jesse

    K) Katarina, Kyle

    L) Lilly, Lewis

    M) Melanie, Micheal

    N) Nicole(Nikki), Nathan

    O) Olivia, Oliver

    P) Pollie, Patrick

    Q) Quinn, Quentin

    R) Ruby, Rachel, Robin

    S) Sadie, Seth

    T) Taylor, Tyler

    U) Ursala, Usher?

    V) Vivian, Vince

    W) Willow, Willy

    Y) Yazmine, ?

    Z) Zoe, Zachary

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    A) Amelia and Alastair

    B) Beatrice and Bergan

    C) Cora and Christopher

    D) Daphne and Declan

    E) Eleanor and Ephraim

    F) Fiona and Fredrick

    G) Georgia and Gregory

    H) Harper and Hindley

    I) Isadore and Irim

    J) Josie and Jude

    K) Kelly and Kipling

    L) Lorelei and Lockes

    M) Miriam and Morrison

    N) Nora and Nickolas

    O) Ophelia and Omri

    P) Penelope and Pacey

    Q) Quinn and Quimby

    R) Ramona and Roland

    S) Spencer and Silas

    T) Thora and Thomas

    U) Ursula and Ulysses

    V) Violet and Vaughn

    W) Wednesday and Wilhelm

    X) Xenia and Xander

    Z) Zoe and Zephraim

  • Yay!! Something to kill some time lol

    a) Annelise & Alexander

    b) Brielle & Benjamin

    c) Camille & Caleb

    d) Delaney & Dante

    e) Elodie & Elijah

    f) Felicity & Felix

    g) Genevieve & Gregory

    h) Hazel & Hamish

    i) Imogen & Ianto

    j) Juliette & James

    k) Katrina & Kai

    l) Lorelei & Lucas

    m) Madeleine & Matthew

    n) Noelle/Niamh & Nathaniel

    o) Oprah & Oscar

    p) Poppy & Parker

    q) Quinn & Quentin

    r) Ruby & Richard

    s) Scarlett/Serena & Samuel

    t) Tabitha & Thomas

    u) Umi & Urijah

    v) Violet & Vian

    w) Willow & William

    y) Yuka & Yamato

    z) Zantia & Zachary

    That was fun! :D xx

    Source(s): Elodie Scarlett's Mummy
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  • 9 years ago

    A) Amelia, Allie, Andrew

    B) Bennette, Bryn, Brooklyn

    C) Clara, Cason

    D) Dililah

    E) Ellie, Elliot

    F) Faith

    G) Grayson, Greenlie

    H) Haley, Hayden



    K) Kay-Lynn

    L) Leah

    M) Mason

    N) Natalie

    O) Olivia

    P) Paige

    Q) Quen

    R) Rachel, Riley, Ryan

    S) Sarah

    T) Tiffany


    V) Violet

    W) Whitney

    X) Xion

    Y) Yasmine

    Z) Zach, Zora

  • 9 years ago

    A) Audriana and Anthony

    B) Belle and Bucky and Brett

    C) Clare and Carter and Caroline and Cadee and Cristy

    D) Delany and Duncan and Delia and Dilly

    E) Eliza and Eric and Elina

    F) Falisity and Fedrick

    G) Gabby and Gabrile

    H. Heavenly and Helodo

    I) Ivy and Ivan

    J) Jaquire and Jared

    K) Karissa and Keth

    L) Luryen and Lesly

    M) Madina and Marcus and Melinia

    N) Natasha and Nate

    O) Olivia and Owen

    P) Patrisha and Pede

    Q) Quincy and Quinn and Quinten

    R) Rain and Ramiseis

    S) Sabrina and Sonny and Stacy and Seti and Seth and Scott

    T) Tasha and Tate

    U) Unson and Uni

    V) Victoria and Veronica and Vincent and Vinny

    W) Winter and Walter

    Y) Yasmine and Yeojoon

    Z) Zelda and Zena and Zacaria

  • 9 years ago

    Annabel + Avery

    Blair + Benjamin

    Caroline + Charles

    Delilah + Dean

    Elsa + Eric

    Freya + Felix

    Guinevere + Gabriel

    Helena + Henry

    Ivy + Isaac

    Jessica + Jack

    Kate + Kieran

    Lily + Luca

    Matilda + Madigan

    Nova + Nathaniel

    Olivia + Oscar

    Penelope + Patrick

    Quinn + Quintin

    Rose + Reuben

    Serena + Sebastian

    Theodora + Thomas

    Una + Uriah

    Vivienne + Vincent

    Wren + Walter

    Xanthe + Xavier

    Yvie + Yale

    Zoe + Zachary

    Jess :)

  • 9 years ago

    A) Analiese and Aderick

    B) Brynnlyn and Byron

    C) Caroline and Connor

    D) Delilah and Darrius

    E) Eliza and Ethan

    F) Fable and Fredrick

    G) Gabriella and Gavin

    H) Harlow and Henry

    I) Ivana and Ian

    J) Jillian and Jax

    K) Kaitlyn and Kent

    L) Layla and Layton

    M) Milla and Mason

    N) Natalia and Nathaniel

    O) Ollie and Oliver

    P) Phoenix for either

    Q) Quinn and Quinlan

    R) Riley and Raydan

    S) Samantha (Samm) and Samuel

    T) Taylor and Tucker

    U) ??? and Ulton

    V) Viola and Victor

    W) Willow and William

    Y) Yasmine and Yousef

    Z) Zooey and Zane

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    A) Andrew and Aubrey

    B) Beau and Bentley

    C) Cameron and Calliana

    D) Dustin and Delilah

    E) Elijah and Emily

    F) Frederick and Florence

    G) Garrett and Gabriella

    H) Hunter and Harper

    I) ILLikai and Isla

    J) Julian and Juliette

    K) Kael and Kristin

    L) Levi and Lauren

    M) Mason and Marley

    N) Nicholas and Nadia

    O) Ollie and Olga

    P) Princeton and Parker

    Q) Quintin and Quincy

    R) Ryan and Rebecca

    S) Sawyer and Samantha

    T) Teegan and Tessa

    U) Ulysses and Ulga

    V) Vladamir and Vanessa

    W) Westley and Wednesday

    X) Xavier and Xalvadora

    Y) Yamir and Yolanda

    Z) Zachary and Zanette

  • A - Adelaine & Alexander

    B - Brynn & Bronson

    C - Charlotte & Casper

    D - Delaney & Drew

    E - Elizabeth & Elliot

    F - Flora & Finnian

    G - Gabrielle & Gabriel

    H - Hope & Henry

    I - Iris & Isaiah

    J - Joyce & Jasper

    K - Kate & Kyle

    L - Lillian & Luca

    M - Matilda & Mitchell

    N - Noelle & Nathaniel

    O - Ophelia & Oliver

    P - Piper & Patrick

    Q - Quinn & Quintin

    R - Ruby & Robert

    S - Simone & Stephen

    T - Thea & Tobias

    U - Ula & Uriah

    V - Victoria & Vincent

    W - Willow & Wade

    X - Xanthe & Xander

    Y - Yvette & Yale

    Z - Zoey & Zavier

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