Old Testament help please?

Can someone please give me the story in the Bible about how men who were not able to touch the ark of the covenant did and they fell down dead immediately?

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    (1 Chronicles 13:6-11) . . .And David and all Israel proceeded to go up to Ba′al·ah, to Kir′i·ath-je′a·rim, which belongs to Judah, to bring up from there the ark of the [true] God, Jehovah, sitting on the cherubs, where [his] name is called on. 7 However, they had the ark of the [true] God ride upon a new wagon from the house of A·bin′a·dab, and Uz′zah and A·hi′o were leading the wagon. 8 And David and all Israel were celebrating before the [true] God with full power and with songs and with harps and with stringed instruments and with tambourines and with cymbals and with trumpets. 9 And they came gradually as far as the threshing floor of Chi′don, and Uz′zah now thrust his hand out to grab hold of the Ark, for the bulls nearly caused an upset. 10 At that Jehovah’s anger blazed against Uz′zah, so that he struck him down because he had thrust his hand out upon the Ark, and he died there before God. 11 And David became angry because Jehovah had broken through in a rupture against Uz′zah; and that place came to be called Pe′rez-uz′zah down to this day.

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    I guess I like your picture and your answers that when we both answered the same questions. I think you have your answer here as a person quoted the scripture.

    I heard once that people made an ark of the covenant to the specs of the Bible and they said it was somehow electrified when it was finished. Don't know if that was true as wood would have a hard time conducting electricity, but I once had an angel hold my hand I got an electric like shock

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    1 Chronicles 13:6-11...This simply shows what happens when you are under a covenant with strict borders with no mercy or love or forgiveness. The man was immediately judged by the strictness of the letter of the law.

    The covenant was with the Hebrew people.

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    Ark of the Covenant = ordinary object

    You have to not know the God who indwelled the Ark to be able to touch it. That's how the Philistines were able to handle it without being struck (http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=1%20sa... ).

    Uzzah's sin was a sin of knowledge, indicated by "God struck him down there for his irreverence".

    Uzzah's sin is thus comparable to the unpardonable sin.

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    Uzzah- 2 Samuel 6:1-15

    Great story about the strictness of God and how He means what He says (and how our intentions may not cut it)

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    Isn't that the plot of an Indiana Jones movie ? Or has it become part of their fairy story as well now.

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