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How do i subpeona an ip address?

Somebody keeps on posting ads with my phone number claiming i am a prostitute, for the past 2 months i receive about 10 calls a day from johns wanting to come over. I have no idea who is posting this crap, and under no circumstances am i going to change my phone number, but i would like to catch the person in order to press charges against them. How do i go about it? how do i subpeopna the mac id, in order for me to trace it to the exact computer? I heard if its not a murder nor rape case then the authorities wont go through the headache to try to trace it to the exact owner of that exact computer? If i obtain the ip address then it will just give me a general vicinity or neighborhood of where the ads are posted from, but it wont narrow it down to the exact computer. How do i go about it so i can catch this person?


Can the police trace it to the exact computer?

Update 2:

it is criminal, there was a famous case in florida involving a prominent real estate agent by the name of dean isenberg who posted cl ads with another agents number, he was arrested and charged with wire fraud and harrssment

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    You can't. Even if a crime was involved (this is not a criminal case, it is civil), the police cannot go on fishing expeditions. All they can do is contact whoever is posting the ads (for instance craigslist) and (assuming they have a search warrant) get the IP from them, if they recorded it. If this was a major crime, they MIGHT take the time to track back through the networks and might find the person IF they were dumb enough to do this all through traceable connections (very unlikely).

    Sorry, unless you can find good evidence that a specific person was doing it, you really have no alternative other than changing your number.

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    If the person is using public wi-fi or using a school computer, getting a subpoena will be pointless as it will show nothing.

    The police can't do anything, if the police choose to subpoena craigslist for the IP, it will show the Internet Service Provider and owner, that is all.

    Even knowing the owner, this still doesn't prove they wrote it. Pretty much there's nothing you can do to get someone caught by using the IP idea.

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    There is nothing you can do unfortunately. A few years ago there was a case that went to the US Supreme Court. An ex boyfriend posted this same sort of stuff about his ex, using her name and photos of her etc. When it got to EVERY level of court, they all ruled the internet offers no guarantee or even implication of full disclosure and or honesty and everyone that uses it should understand that. This will go nowhere legally, the previous rulings are now precedent and in place as case law. You use an assumed name even to write this, blogs, chat rooms, on-line dating services, etc. all imbue false and assumed names, opinionated views, rants, chants and plants. There is no law your tormentor has broken, so you can do nothing about it. Contact google, yahoo, your attorney, etc. and you will get the same bad news. Tough luck.

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    You don't. You contact the police and report the crime. And yes most PDs will investigate crimes other than murder or rape.

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