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What does "Jama Yo" mean in japanese?

I heard it in dead or alive 2 from ayane i don't what shes saying jama yo or jana Yo please don't leave any selfish comment im still learning japanese i was trying to translate it in english but im not that good at japanese yet please tell me what she said

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    "You're in my way" should be that, I don't know anything about Japanese.

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    uʍop ǝpısdn above is correct. I am here just to confirm that as a native speaker of Japanese.

    Jama yo! =

    You're in my way!


    Get out of my way!

    We say "Jama yo!" when someone is literally in your way as well as when someone is interrupting/disturbing you (and you want them to stop it).

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    "jama yo(じゃまよ)"

    "your in my way"or"get out of my way"

    its the way a female will say it.

    just ”jama (じゃま)”

    will work too :)

    Source(s): im japanese
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    if referred roughly, "You're in the way!"

    otherwise, it's also said to the (second) person who is in the way of someone else (not only the way of the speaker) "You're in the way of the lady. (Come this way)"

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