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History Homework REALLY NEED HELP ?!? please :(?

Charles Kingsford Smith. i have an assignment due soon, and im doing him. we have to do a timeline. and we have to use at least 10 key events from his life and career. all i know is he was an avaitor, i know his birthday day. death, marriage anniversary, and when he got divorced. and they all have to do with his personal, i need some really important main information about his career, any help. please give a little bit more then just a website, but websites are also appreciated :)

i really need help , its due in like i think 2 days, and i haven't started a thing, and there is heaps of other stuff. :/ PLEAAAAAAAASE :( i beg of you. im desperate.

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    Charles Kingsford Smith

    Made the first flight (and returned) across the Pacific from the United States to Australia

    Age 18—became a dispatch rider on Gallipoli

    Completed pilot training with Royal Flying Corps (UK) in 1917 after evacuation of Gallipoli

    Won the Military Cross

    Refused permission to compete in the England Australia Air Race because the Australian govt (sponsor) deemed him inexperienced. This was the first long-distance (half way round the world) flight.

    Moved to the US and worked as a circus and stunt pilot in movies

    1921—returned to Australia—employed as a pilot for Western Australian Airways running airmail Geralton-Derby in the remote northwestern regions of the country.

    During this time he devised a plan to cross the Pacific

    became an entrepreneur selling out in 1926 using proceeds of sale to buy two Bristols (type of airplane)

    teamed up with aviator CTP Ulm to halve the “around Australia” record (their time

    10days 5 hours)

    Back to US to buy a Fokker (type of plane) and partner with Sir Hubert Wilkins (his claim to fame Arctic flights) named Southern Cross

    Financed by NSW govt and American millionaire G.A. Hancock

    Gained recognition by attempting (failed) the transcontinental US record twice

    CREW: Smith, Wilkins, Ulm, Harry Lyon, navigator, and J. Warner, radioman.

    The first trans-Pacific crossing began on May 31, 1928, They flew from Oakland, California, to Honolulu, then to Suva in Fiji, and on to Brisbane, the longest flight being between Honolulu and Fiji, 2,740 nautical miles. That leg took 33 hours with no radio aids, no navigation aids, no alternates in case of trouble, and no adequate weather reports.

    June 8, 1928—Southern Cross landed at Brisbane, Australia

    Further information:

    biographies of Kingsford Smith :

    Smithy by Ward McNally (London, 1966)

    Caesar of the Skies by Beau Shiel and Colin Simpson (1937).

    More information in the volume below:

    Davis, Pedr, Charles Kinsford Smith: the world's greatest aviator, Sydney; New York: Summit Books, 1977.

    Source(s): in the text How much more you include in the project will depend on how much time you have to explore the site cited and the reading material. Start with the site. There is lots more there. You decide what is important to your assignment.
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