how may i contact madonna for a job?

2 November 2010

Dear Madonna;

47 year old married (civil union vermont 2001) german-american artist & retired Bank of America VP (2000) for gainful employ -prefer in W-DC area (the Capitol City)--up to and including indentured servant.

--my point ----my big take away-----as much as part of me wants to see u fuc it up----a bigger & better part respect that you are Truly living the american life. By the way --that video---& song 4 that matter highly underrated &and probably released about the time or directly b4 my freedoms and total security of a 38 year old gay man who until 2001 never questioned or considered my life as nothing but perfect 4 the tommy (not just 4 breakast-anymore) - i had honestly evolved. What changed my life was putting it on paper.

I moved to DC from Richmond, VA on April 1, 2001-the same day I met & picked up my future husband (Adrian Michael Hancock) from a sex party as a favor of my temp hosts and best friends Mac & Jay. Adrian was their hair guy -- our first business partnership became "hair on wheels"--- again not my pt--- 1st ??--mind you Madonna--b4 I left Richmond -- i put out 2 the universe 1 thing only --- almost a dare --and almost what i thought an impossible request: "--if u r 2 place me in another relationship--make sure that He be completely honest--" trust not all it's cracked up 2 be---however-never a doubt of shared feelings---anyway---the universe presented me with a loud New York in your face correctness-that i immediately respected--in less than three months we each put the other 2 task--and demanded (he 38- me 38) that if u Truly love me lets go to Vermont and do the lesbian thing--get married---not until we met the justice of the peace who married us in her home in Vermont---that I -we were actually saying the sane vows my parents and as seen on tv---including --MOST importantly not 2 just each other but in front of God-Jesus & the Grace of God---just the two of us -the JP--I started my vows ---tears rushing down my face over a few simple words--Adrian's (2nd marriage btw---1st 2 a woman who blessed hin with two brilliant children - both in their 20's now---Jason& Shena-now 24 and a 6month son of her own)---wow married with something I never imagined children-though 15 & 18 when i first met them--unconditionally love me from day one---again Madonna-- i am off pt.

Not until 2004 election did I have 2 check my marriage license 2 verify it was actually a civil union license---never realized since @ top doc says marriage license (civil union is in small font within the doc. By that pt--our freedoms have diminished to the pt of a homeless shelter (circa dec 2002- March (Easter 2003) both testing positive (orally) and then finding out a month later from a blood test that Adrian had less than 200 tcells and full blown AIDS--I (joy) was a false positive - and God

I am a 47 year old care giver to an amazing man and unemployed-- i need a home (house) a car & spending $ because I suspect Adrian may not last 2012----U may have it all back when he does leave me 2 be with my mom -Diane! I am a talent like no other & I suspect somewhat of an inspiration 2 you --- 1998-2000 -- my energy strongest on the planet--i knew the pope would be German--i knew Bush was the town fool 2 make it stupid---what i did not know was that my destiny included me almost completed losing my faith in myself & in Him.

my point - house-car-job --God Bless --you and yours--btw --Adrian is an amazing gifted cosmetogist-journeyman carpenter-painter--sculptor--singer--up lifter--and every day public entertainer---maybe a duet with him would be more apropos.

Respectfully and impatiently waiting your reply----------I am Tommy--not just 4 break fast ,anymore Mitchell

Tommy Mitchell

747 Morton Street NW

Washington, DC 20010

(202) 507-8891

(202) 746-5233

-ps if Madonna calls----------- I AM HOME!


to the 4 that have placed answers--thank you for the time u took; however, i do not fear truth about myself; nor do i allow your four "non" or negative answers to my creative "cover letter" in my personal hopes and dreams to have an employer who operates in truth--

my question will now slightly change to who can help me in getting my employment cover letter to Madonna.

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  • J
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    10 years ago
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    don't do drugs, kids.

  • 10 years ago

    This was way too long to read all of it but ARE YOU SERIOUS?!

    If those are your real details I would immediately delete them.

    Putting thing's like that in public domain (internet) is just insane. There are many bad people who will take advantage of that


    Hey ahh in response to your additional details...

    I'm coming to believe this is a really a person actually seeking employment from a famous celebrity on the internet.

    Now as funny as that is in itself, I like how your 'big attempt' is a dodgy cover leter than is barely legible and goes into extreme personal detail (health/partners/history/etc) which ANY employer doesnt give a **** about. Not to mention the grammar, swearing, and just general bullshit that you seem to write about. Take a long look at yourself buddy.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Wow, this is like being on another planet. Delete the information my friend, delete it now.

    edit: Yes this is Madonna. I'll call you this evening. Sheesh

  • 10 years ago

    I think Madonna would have grounds for a restraining order here. Sorry.

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  • Joshua
    Lv 5
    10 years ago

    This is way too much personal information. If I were you I would delete it all immeditly.

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