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Should both liberal and conservative entertainers just "shut up and sing" or just the liberal ones?

I mean, I hear the outrage and the calls to "shut up" when Tim Robbins, Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Rob Reiner, etc. speak out on political issues, but I don't hear the Right complaining when the following speak out:

•Trace Adkins: Country Music Singer & TV Personality

•Danny Aiello: Film Actor

•Stephen Baldwin: Actor, Radio Personality

•Pat Boone: Singer, Songwriter

•Wilfred Brimley: Commercial Actor & Star of Cocoon

•Jerry Bruckheimer: TV & Film Producer

•James Caan: Legendary Film Actor

•Drew Carey: Game Show Host & Former TV Star

•Adam Carolla: Former Host of The Man's Show

•Tom Clancy: Espionage and Military Science Author

•Jon Cryer: Notable Film & TV Actor

•Robert Davi: TV & Film Actor

•Bo Derek: Model, Film & Television Actress

•Dale Earnhardt Jr.: American Race Car Driver

•Clint Eastwood: Academy Award Winning Film Actor & Director

•John Elway: Hall of Fame Quarterback & Super Bowl MVP with the Denver Broncos

•Sara Evans: Country Music Singer

•Lou Ferrigno: TV Actor (Star of The Incredible Hulk & King of Queens Guest Star)

•Mel Gibson: Film Actor & Academy Award-Winning Director

•Kelsey Grammer: TV & Film Actor, Star of TV's Long-Running Series, Frasier

•Angie Harmon: TV & Film Actor, Star of TV's Law & Order

•Elizabeth Hasslebeck: Former "Survivor" Contestant & Co-Host of The View

•Patricia Heaton: TV Actor, Female Lead in TV's Everybody Loves Raymond

•Naomi Judd: Country Music Singer, Actress & Author

•Lorenzo Lamas: TV Actor

•Heather Locklear: TV & Film Actress

•Susan Lucci: Emmy Award-Winning Actress & Soap Star

•Dennis Miller: Actor, Stand-Up Comedian & Political Commentator

•Chuck Norris: Legendary TV Actor

•Ted Nugent: Legendary Musician, Speaker

•Richard Petty: Seven-time NASCAR Champion

•John Ratzenberger: TV Actor, Voice-Over Personality

•Robert James "Kid Rock" Ritchie: Singer, Song Writer & Rapper

•Adam Sandler: Legendary Stand-Up Comedian, "Saturday Night Live" Alum & Hollywood Film Star

•Pat Sajak: Wheel of Fortune Game Show Host & Political Columnist

•Curt Schilling: World Series Champion & Former Phillies, Diamondbacks & Red Sox Pitcher

•Tom Selleck: TV & Film Actor

•Jessica Simpson: Singer, Actress & TV Personality

•Gary Sinise: Academy Award Nominated Film Actor & TV Star

•Sylvester Stallone: Producer, Director, Writer & Legendary Film Actor, Star of Rocky & Rambo Films

•Ben Stein: Film Actor, Game Show Host & Political Commentator

•John Stossel: Investigative Reporter, Speaker

•Janine Turner: Film & TV Actor

•Jon Voight: Academy Award-winning Film Actor and Political Activist

•Bruce Willis: Legendary Film Actor & Two-Time Emmy Award Winner

•Lee Ann Womack: Country Music Singer

•James Woods: Noteable Film Actor

•David Zucker: Director of Airplane & Naked Gun Films


What, there are plenty of high-profile celebrities on my list: Bruce Willis, Jessica Simpson, James Woods...hardly B listers, especially Stallone.

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    everyone should have the right to voice their opinion, it's only at the point where they become more vocal about the side then the politicians themselves that they should shut the hell up.

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    Bruce-Willis is a good bloke who tells it like it is he´s not said anything that's not true neither have anyone else on your list hence why their not being sued they are having a dip for the working man and what we consider to be the right thing at least not all entertainers are sell outs.

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    Well they should at least learn American history before they speak. It is a free country we boycott the liberals even if their shows are good.

    No money for traitors. Mel Gibson rocks Just do not buy their products. This is America child.

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    1 decade ago

    Sly Stallone should shut up, but that's not a matter of what he says - his voice is just irritating as all hell.

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    The only ones on your list that I have ever heard anything about is Mel Gibson, who is apparently a drunken nut, so he doesnt count and Elizabeth Hasselbeck, which it is her JOB to talk about political issues on the view.

    Oh yeah and Ben Stein, but that dude is uber smart, ill listen to him talk any day

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