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Is pineapple weed native to North America?

Does anyone know for sure whether or not M.Discoidea is native to North America. I'm reading very conflicting things from both guide books and the internet some say it is some say it isn't.

Thanks so much to any one who can help have a good night (or day) depending on where you are I guess.

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    "Matricaria discoidea, commonly known as pineapple weed and disc mayweed is an annual plant native to North America and Northeast Asia but which has become a cosmopolitan weed."

    Those were connected in one landmass 13000 years ago so their isn't any reason to doubt that.

    They are widespread and extend into the northern areas where it logically would have also been in Northeast Asia. Judging by that distribution, it most likely originated in America but made it to Northeast Asia during one of the ice ages when there was a land bridge. It could have originated in Asia in prehistoric times though.

    search for Matricaria discoidea in the search to see the distribution.

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    The last link in the previous answer doesn't work - try this one: and paste Matricaria discoidea in the name search for Scientific Name and click "Go".

    If you notice, this website says that it's introduced (the "I" after L48 [lower 48 states] and AK [Alaska]).

    Some others which support that it's an introduced species:

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