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Who else thinks that Randy Moss will end up with the Jets?

I mean he will have a coach that has the same attitude as him (all tough and ranty). I feel that he would be a good choice to have him be a reciever for the young Mark Sanchez.

Extra Question: Who will have a better Record at the end of the year: Buccaneers, 49ers, or Raiders

EQ 2: If he doesn't go to the Jets, what team do you think he would be better suited for? WHY?

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    Nope, if the Jets are smart, which I think they are, they won't pick him up. They're a good team without him, why bring in a lockerroom cancer?

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    * I think he would be a good fit with the Jets. But because of the waiver line, other teams will have a shot at picking him up first. I see the Rams being the front runner. The Rams are still in the hunt for the playoffs in this early season. The Raiders have been putting up the points this season but I cant seeing him going back to Oakland and not being a distraction. I think the Patriots would love to have him back but there is no way all the teams ahead of New England on the waiver line will pass. Therefore I see the Rams being a frontrunner, although it will be weird seeing him in St. Louis.

    *I can see the Bucs finishing the year with a better record than the 49ers and Oakland. The 49ers started the season off to bad. I honestly dont see any of these teams making the playoffs, but Josh Freeman is clutch in the 4th.

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    I think he might actually work out with the Jets because they have a stable head coach unlike the Vikings. But they just got Santonio Holmes in the offseason so I doubt their going for another receiver.

    EQ: Probably the Raiders but look out for the Buccaneers they keep winning.

    EQ 2: I'm not quite sure where else Randy Moss could go besides to the Patriots again. He's showed he's a great player but he only plays when he wants to and he apparently loved the Patriots. Basically if a team signs Moss then they better keep throwing the ball his way or he will do the same thing he did with the Vikings.

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    It's possible but pretty unlikely. Their receiving corps is crowded as it is and it seems like Brian Schottenheimer already can't handle the amount of weapons and options he has to work with. Adding another guy to the already complicated equation (complicated for Schotty's overthinking *** at least). Their offense has done well against some pretty decent defenses, so they've shown that they can score more than enough points to win.

    On the other hand. Jerricho Cotchery has been really bad this year and I guess it wouldn't be the dumbest thing in the world to cut him and sign Randy, but it'd seem like a bit of a knee jerk reaction. They have everything they need, they just need to be able to put it all together at once.

    EQ: Buccs

    EQ2: Bears, Rams, maybe Chiefs.

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  • Jim G
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    it's not a matter of which team wants him; there is a pecking order based on records. Jets are way down on list cuz of 5-2 record

    all the poor record teams get first bid

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    Nobody's gonna claim him (and his 6 and a half million salary over 8 games) off of waivers. It's a little wishful for all of you (2nd place) Jets fans to think he'll be in Green and White. He would self destruct under the hot lights of the New York press. The most foreshadowing moment of the week came in his final Vikings press conference, when he gave props to the Pats organization in one final slap in the face to Minnesota. He's gonna end up playing for a ring up there in Foxboro.

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    no one will claimhimbececuase hes to heart set on NE. he could play shitty and bring a team down if he doesnt get his way. Moss is a real gamble. that said dont be surprised to see him back in New England for another Suberbowl

    btw, wat makes you think he would be a good fit with the jets, him and revis hate each other.....

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    He will probably go back to the most disgraceful team in football, the New England Patriots. That is where the lazy son of a ***** belongs. He's a drama queen.

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    the jets have enough wr--

    cotchery, holmes, edwards, smith,

    and keller at TE

    raiders will probably make it to playoffs but tom cable isnt ready for the SB

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well said Chucky.

    The Jets suck.

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