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are humans superior to insects?

eg: insects are superior to humans because there are thousands of different kinds. humans are all of the same genetic makeup and if something were to happen to the human race they would most likely become extinct because their tolerance for things are not extreme. however there is a huge range of insects and they better adapt to a variety of environments. they also reproduce faster and in greater numbers... etc

idk whats ur opinion????????????????????

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  • Gary B
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    Animals (including insects) are never superior to humans. Shear numbers is NOT a measure of superiority. Even when swarning, properly-equipped humans (like, lots of bug spray) can completely kill a swarm of MILLIONS of insect.

    The fact the humans are all of a very simialr (NOT identical) genetic makeup is not a problem. All individual SPECIES of insects are ALSO genetically similar. Red ants are red ants, and will never be black ants. Common garden spiders are common garden spiders, and will never be Black Widows.

    What does "tolerance for things not extreme" mean? That statement is senseless. Humans are extremely adaptable to all extremes, and can live underwater, and even in the airlessness of outspce -- BECAUSE WE CAN BUILD MACHINES AND TOOLS. No insect can build a scuba tank or a space suit.

    There are huge RANGES of insects, but each TYPE of isect is unique. You can find ants in the Arctic, but not RED ants, and the ants in the arctic cannot live in Texas. That is "niche living", not adaptability. Ekimos can live in the Arctic AND live in Texas if they wanted to.

    Your ideas are all based on false assumption, none of them are true. it is clear that you DO NOT understand genetic diversity, or the division between SPECIES.

    Stay In School!

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    That is sound reasoning. I would say that the question does not have a definite answer, insects and humans are superior to each other in their own environments. It is a strange question if it came from a textbook. That question brings an even deeper question: is anything more superior than anything else. Every living thing has it's pros and cons, humans are smarter than insects but insects adapt faster, Humans are bigger but insects use their small size as an advantage.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Humans are much better at being human than insects are, and insects are much better at being insects than humans are. So, as a blanket statement, that's about all you can say. However, if you want to pick out a particular characteristic, is it possible to talk of superiority. Obviously, humans are far more intelligent than insects. On the other hand, many insects have sensory equipment that is far more diverse, sensitive, and discriminating than anything we humans can imagine. A male cecropia moth can smell a female at distances up to two miles.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    You are exactly correct.

    Humans will one day suffer a population crash, but the insects will continue on and on.

    Just because you have a better brain than another animal does not make you superior. Longevity of the species is the determinant of evolutionary success. Modern humans have only been around for 150,000 to 200,000 years tops. Most insect species have been around far longer.

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    Humans are far superior to insects, yes there are thousands of insects but humans have the ability to think things through, make rational decisions, and assess situations from multiple points of view

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    It depends on what your criteria is for measuring superiority I guess. If you mean potential longevity as a species then yeah, I guess insects could be superior. But the way I see it, an individual human is superior to an individual insect. So I think we are both superior and inferior.

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    Each is 'superior' in its own domain, its own environment. But if you want the earliest, and the most adaptable and survivable, it's bacteria. But humans can adapt their environment to themselves. Unwisely, humans are choosing to give up some of their adaptability. We waste most of our energy changing the temperature of our living spaces. We force hundreds of vaccines on our children, depriving their immune systems of exercise and the need to adapt. We refuse to exercise our muscles to the point of pathology. We even make our eyeglasses too strong, so our eyes don't even try to adjust in the appropriate direction. If we go extinct, we're to blame.

    But much more so is the entitlement mentality. Give everyone food, water, shelter, and now even healthcare, whether they contribute to society or not. Also counter-evolutionary is the trend that intelligent, motivated, productive people tend to have fewer children than the weak and lazy. Chalk that up to the welfare state and also to culture. Some ethnicities don't value hard work, as did the Protestant work ethic, and subsist on minimum wage or welfare (in countries which give them that), but still bear lots of children. It's a very strong argument against the welfare and entitlement mentalities.

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    i don't think people are greater better than animals. definite, the bible does say that animals are actually not so good as us, however the Bible could be puzzling and that ought to of been taken out of context. we are all organsims. i think of that individuals think of we are "better" to animals as a results of fact we are intellligent and are larger in length. What people could gain is that if people have been better to animals, than we could have the potential to stay with dinosaurs. that's impossible. Animals are actually not not so good as us the two we are equivalent.

  • 9 years ago

    There is no age where mammals rule the world...

    There was no age where dinosaurs ruled the world...

    The Monera and Protista rule now and have always ruled - PERIOD

  • 9 years ago

    we are not, but not because of the arguments you mentioned. insects include ...ROACHES, which are freaking indestructible, fast and gross... they cna survive stomping, decapitation, poison, radiation....

    we are doomed

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