Sheet music PLEASE HELP?

Does anyone know where I can find My Favorite Things by Julie Andrews sheet music for free? Please? Emphasis on FREE?

Please give me a direct link, not a website that I must search myself because I already looked at a lot of websites. I know it's out there somewhere because someone said you just need to look in the right places.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You can go to

    At musicnotes you can preview the first page of any song for free.

    If you want the whole song, you will have to buy it.

    All you have to do is type in the title of the song you want to see, and a list of

    current sheet music selections will show up. Just click on the title of the song

    and the preview of the first page sheet music will appear.

    Another good thing about musicnotes is that you can buy individual songs only

    and you have a choice of downloading it to your computer or you can print it on

    your printer.

    If you need detailed instructions on these features of musicnotes,

    go and type in in search and go to the sheet music page

    There you can find specific instruction on and sheet music.

  • 4 years ago

    all of us comprehend whilst to play because of the fact each individuals gets music that pertains purely to our area, meaning purely the notes each guy or woman might desire to play - that are in many circumstances very diverse from those yet another musician enjoying an identical tool. as properly to notes are the RESTS; a musician might relax everywhere from one bar (a definite style of beats) to an entire circulation, based upon the piece being performed. those rests are precise the two in my view (if the musician is resting purely some bars) or as a style inserted into the bar (there will be a relax image under the style of bars of relax, indicating to the musician that he or she might desire to count style that many bars till now enjoying as quickly as back). as quickly as all the musicians comprehend the thank you to interpret their factors, the subsequent maximum imporant ingredient is the conductor - he gets the ball rolling, telling all the musicians whilst to start, and usually cueing each area whilst that is time for it to play back. in case you had to make certain "sheet music" that does tell each tool whilst to return in, you ought to objective finding for the conductor's score, which shows all the products to the piece at as quickly as. that is SOOO exciting. you may desire to objective it - that is not in any respect too previous due!

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