guys would u like to drive this boat?

would u like to drive this boat while your girl is sitting next to you with her feet up on that thing in the middle of the boat? I know I would love it!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Nope. I have a doublesun lounger pad area on the foredeck in front of my "Fly Bridge". Ladies lay there in swim suits or nude, and I "Have" to see them since they are in my forward bow view. LOL. The boat is a 60' Motor Yacht.

  • Cliff
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    1 decade ago

    i'd certainly enjoy it, especially if bikini or less is worn by teh girl.

    any real guy enjoys a day on the water in a powerful boat, and any real guy enjoys having his girl by him to share the good times.

    but if i was buying a ski boat, an inboard drive boat of that class, i'd buy a sanger. great boats, very well built, typically powered by the number 1 on the water brand, mercury/mercruiser. great warranty on the engine and drive system and a quality built boat boat, whats not to love?

    and oyu add in the girl on the sanger, which you'll have plenty of wanting to go with you, its even better.

    and that boat as pictured is not equipped with a ski tower. a ski boat without a ski tower is a joke.

    BUT, for my taste and uses, a sterndrive boat, with just a 4.3 v6 going through an alpha drive is ideal. the 4.3 will be easier on gas, yet still push the size of vessel it comes in just as fast, and with the right prop will accelrate just as quickly. with a ski tower, it will work just as good for skiing as any other brand. just a little more rough water from the prop being behind the boat instead of under it.

    sterndrive makes a better fishing boat then inboards do.

    a good bowrider layout on a sterndrive is the best multipurpose boat setup there is. fishing, skiiing, or just cruising and hanging out.

  • 1 decade ago

    hell yh - who wouldn't?

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