Do you think it is suspicious when posted classified for job do not add their company name or any information?

Do you think it is suspicious when posted classified for job do not add their company name or any information to contact them.

In my opinion, I think is either someone posing as an employer to get phone numbers , addresses, emails, and Or just to plagiarize resume and cover letters.

I would believe employers would at least list their company’s name.

Well most of these post online are just like that and I’ am afraid to submit my resume. Can I just email through the posted site and ask them a little more info before I can apply or submit my resume. Or don‘t bother because if it’s a real employer they will think that it’s unprofessional.

If any of you think the same thing I did, what was your action.

Others welcome to answer.

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    Most companies don't want or have time to deal with hundreds of of applicants calling about the status of their applications, so they choose to keep their information private.

    If you don't trust them, then don't send your resumes to them. Less competition for every one else.

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    As an legitimate employer who sometimes posts anonymously, I understand your concerns. But the reason I screen anonymously (on my own or through organized job boards) is that if I don't, I get 100's of calls that I cause me to not be able to do my job. This is especially true for entry level positions. I'm a one man show in a small company so my available time is always being challenged.

    I do get resumes that have only e-mail contact information - and that's fine. If I'm interested in the background, I'll make contact. If not, I won't. If you are truly concerned about identity theft, consider setting up an e-mail account specifically for your job search through Gmail, Yahoo or another free service that once you finish your search you can shut down or just ignore. That way you haven't given up any personal information and can screen employers in a somewhat anonymous way.

    What I would tell you or anyone else to watch out for any reply that requires you to give up more than basic information on how to contact you if they are not willing to share the same with you. And if you get the feeling that the posting is not legitimate, follow your gut instinct.

    Source(s): I'm in HR.
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    An employers doesn't have the time or resources to deal with a 100+ applicants showing up on their doorstep.

    Not including name/address on job posting has been a common strategy for at least 30 years.

    No, it's appropriate to ask for additional information. You can apply and then when/if the company calls you back to discuss the position, you can decide if you want to continue in the recruitment process. If you aren't interested in the company, you can tell them when you are talking to them.

    On your resume, you can include an email and telephone. You don't need to include an address, if you don't want.

    Remember, networking is still the best way to find a job.

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    yes. i agree

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