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San Diego Comic Con 2011 Questions?

Ok, so with the 2011 tickets going on sale on Monday I figured I would look into hotels, and everywhere is booked? Is this because they are holding the rooms until it is time to book with special rates or do I need I need to book the first room I find. This is my first San Diego Con and I am traveling from Texas so I just want to make sure I am prepared when it comes time to book everything, because I have told the earlier the better when it comes to the event. Also the rooms are around 350 a night is this normal? I really wanted to stay at the Marriott but the website said it was booked, will they most likely open rooms or are they most likely already booked? Anyway any advise or suggestions would be helpful thanks.

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    Yes, the hotels are holding some rooms for Comic-Con's 'special rates', they have agreed to hold a set number of rooms for that. For Comic-Con 2010 the hotel booking started March 18 and the discount prices ranged from $167-$352 a day - I would give you a link to the PDF with the list of 2010 hotels but unfortunately it has been pulled from the Comic-Con website so I put images of the list in my user profile - . You can find cheaper hotels much further away from downtown but you will need to get one near the trolley or rent a car (and then pay for parking).

    Like you have been told the earlier the better when booking hotels for comic-con but others know that too so you may have to do a lot of calling to find some with available rooms. Start with the ones in the 2010 hotel lists (although you probably will not get the special rate, but you can ask) and then search for others (the convention center's address is 111 W. Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101).

    If you do end up wanting to book a hotel through Comic-Con's website (keep checking their site for the exact date) be sure to do your booking as soon as it opens (do not even wait 5 min).

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    registration is down, it'll be back up next monday

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