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J.K. Rowling plagiarism?

Is it true that she may be facing trial for plagiarism? And why would she? Did she like plagiarize the Harry Potter books?

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    JK Rowling has been accused of plagiarism so many times, it's ridiculous. Basically, the latest one (much like every other claim) is silly and an attempt for writers who don't have a ton of fame/money to gain some by accusing Rowling of copying off them.

    The first plagiarism claim was when Rowling was accused of copying Nancy Stouffer ("The Legend of Rah and the Muggle" and "Larry Potter and His Best friend Lilly") back in 1999, but the courts found that Stouffer submitted fradulent documents to make it seem like Rowling had copied her books.

    The current lawsuit is from the family of Adrian Jacobs. Mr. Jacobs himself is dead, and never saw, in the course of his life, to persue legal action over the supposed plagiarism, but *apparently* his family knows better, because they've decided that Rowling stole her ideas from him... ideas such as "wizard hospital" and "wizard chess". Basically, they seem to think that Mr. Jacobs was the first and *only* person to think of adding the word "wizard" to common things/places. They also claim that the second task in GoF is lifter from Jacobs' series. But it's such a loose connection between the two that it's pretty clear that they just are looking to make a quick buck (also, the fact that the series in question "The Adventures of Willy the Wizard" was such a commercial failure that it is *highly* unlikely that JK Rowling could have even found a copy of it to steal from adds to the ridiculousness of the suit).

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    There are many elements that are there in other fantasy and mythological stories. She must have read all of them for ideas. But she did make something different.

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    some stupid author is claiming she stole themes from his book in her fourth book (i think). but thats bullshit he is just trying to get rich off of her. J.K. Rowling is a literary genius, she doesnt need to steal ideas from others

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