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Anonymous asked in HealthDiet & Fitness · 10 years ago

Why does my upper half of my tummy gain more fat?

For the past couple of months ive been pretty sedentary. Long story really, but I've gained a good chunk of weight but it seems to be concentrated on the upper half of my abdomen. The section below my navel is small so theres an odd crease. It becomes noticeable when I'm bloated but normally it's just annoying. It totally makes me look pregnant. I'm not because I've never had intercourse and my monthly curses have been normal and everything. But I'm just curious as to why this happened!

Also: it's not painful at all, except to my self esteem.

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  • 10 years ago
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    People make fat reserves in different ways…it’s mostly genetic and gender specific.

    I get a kick looking at those guys who look like they’re going to give birth to Godzilla who would be a blob of fat as a fetus and they’re strutting around on skinny chicken legs!

    You see a huge pregnant woman; you’re thinking “there is a cute baby in there.” But you see a huge guy and you think “is that blob of fat the starting of an invasion force from another planet or does that guy just eat like a ravenous pig?” (women can get big eating normally but men need to eat/drink a lot…get me another beer honey).

    Around this time of year, it’s getting colder (in the North hemisphere) and your body has a primal need to get fat reserves for insulation so you get cravings for high calorie fatty food.

    Come Spring and you’ll get cravings for salads.

    Some heavy women are big and beautiful, able to make fat reserves everywhere and stay balanced.

    Others, like you and I, have concentrated fat reserves deposits. Like you, I look pregnant if I gain weight and the next stage is my butt, and then my spine gets out of alignment with my belly pulling one way and my butt pulling the other way so I get chronic back aches, and I cannot make fat reserves on my arms…so I always have skinny arms that look like skinny sticks unless I do serious weight training to put some muscle mass in there and get a hint of a curve (shoulder lateral raises, upright row, triceps extension, arm kickback, back strengthener, seated row, pushups, and the king of all…dumbbells curls).

    And then I have to deal with people telling me that I’m skinny on a daily basis, just because they see my skinny arms and not my fat belly (I’m a sharp dresser) like it’s any of their business and they usually have an average weight, which is overweight where I live (South of the US).

    I’m torn between showing them my fat belly and telling them that they have an ugly nose or pinpointing any other physical shortcomings they might have but I usually shut up because I don’t want to antagonize a dental hygienist or a nurse.

    Now that I’m older, I cannot look like a skinny pregnant woman or I’d look like a lab experiment so…I don’t gain weight or at least I try not to. The older you get, the harder it gets. Older women, after menopause, are supposed to have huge bellies because they are using their fat reserves (adipose tissue) as an important endocrine organ to produce hormones. I can get a cute, round, soft belly pouch, like a soft little cushion (that I have to hide when being dressed because of annoying beauty criteria) and get my hormones that way or I could have a flat stomach and pay $50/month for HRT (hormone replacement therapy).

    Teenage years and menopausal years are times in your life when you actually need adipose tissue to get the hormones you need.

    Translate that by “when you’re young or getting old, you need to get fat to not get out of your mind with mood swings but it’s highly considered operating outside the parameters of nowadays beauty criteria.

    Your “monthly curses”? Don’t call your periods or menstruation “curses”. Nobody’s cursed. I’m French, and there we call them “règles”, which means ruler (like a school measuring ruler), if you have good periods, then you’re rightly regulated. Every month, your body is getting ready for you to get pregnant and if you don’t, it will discard whatever it was building to welcome an embryo, and will rebuilt new for the next month.

    I would like the idea of moving to a new house but if I don’t, every month is would be leveled and rebuilt new until I finally would move in a brand new house.

    You’re not in pain, you have normal periods, you’re a virgin…you hit the trifecta for being young, regular and sexually healthy (the only way to be sexually healthy is to be sexually inactive).

    Your self esteem is your own business. Nobody’s physically perfect. Even perceived physically perfect celebrities splashing the media are not. They’re exercise addicts and dehydrating under medical supervision, training for 3 to 6 months with 2 or 3 trainers, and after all their effort (well it’s their job), their pictures still get photo shopped to give them bigger boobs, longer legs, thinner waist, perfect android skin, whatever color eye/hair somebody thought of, and then they get even a lower self esteem because after all the effort that they did, they still weren’t good enough for the cover of that magazine, without all the retouching.

    Celebrities are very insecure (that’s why they’re celebrities…because of their constant need for approval) and the most beautiful women in the world are being shred to pieces with photo shopping and public judging and criticizing.

    Love your body for whatever it is.

    Esteem yourself so you get a high self esteem.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    It’s like Anna Magnani, a talented Italian actress, who was always playing characters who were screaming and ugly (no make-up, disheveled hair, lots of kids and stress, cheap wardrobe from poor class) but had HUGE self esteem so guys were completely turned on by her.

    “She was the atypical star, the "non-glamorous human being," as her genuine style of acting became a "rejection of glamour”.

    Work on your self-esteem (yep…it’s work).

    I think it is called wisdom. You need about 30 or 40 years to get to the point where you realize that nobody really cares about what you look like. They’re more caring about what you think about what they look like. Most of all, you get to the point where you don’t even care what they think about how you look but if you express love, they’ll respond to it, no matter what you look like.

    Anna Magnani was a huge talent because she conveyed the idea of not caring about herself and her look so maybe she could focus on your look and make you look good. Anybody becomes a huge force when not caring about themselves; so they either care about you or can teach you not to care about yourself.

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  • 4 years ago

    Because muscle weighs more than fat. As you build the muscle you will start to burn off the fat buildup. You just have to give it time. Also be careful not to over do it on the vitamins as the fat tissue stores some types of vitamins and as you burn the fat they are released back into your system. You are on the right path don't quit now because of "weight". Remember muscle weighs more than fat and as you replace the fat with muscle you will have a temporary weight gain but your Body Fat Index will keep going down. But don't let it drop too much as 18% body fat is healthy for a male and 15% body fat is heathy for a female.

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  • 10 years ago

    it's difficult to believe, most Americans today are walking around with 25+ pounds of excess waste in their colon. Heavier people can have even more excess waste lying there in the colon. Just cleansing the colon can get rid of this waste and aid with weight loss. It also helps to get rid of harmful toxins, providing many excellent health benefits. Many people have excess waste that stays in their colon for weeks, and in some cases years. Impacted feces can even stay in the colon for 20+ years in many cases.

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  • Cactus
    Lv 5
    10 years ago

    Eat less you are accumulating fat

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