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if an athlete is banned by the IOC, can he/she join other sporting events apart from the Olympics?

if.let's say m phelps was banned by the IOC, can he join FINA world aquatics or pan pacs? or if an asian athlete banned by the IOC, can he/she join commonwealth,or asian games or the SEA games?

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    IOC stands for International Olympic Committee, hence everything to do with the olympics.

    Other competitions are organised by other committees so the rules don't apply to those completions. The athlete is clear to compete unless the governing body bans them for those competitions.

    What normally happens: an athlete would appeal and financially cripple themselves to clear their nane, but human nature will allows view that athlete in a different light regardless of the circumstances.

    Compete on a level ground and declare any drugs you are taking and you have no worries!

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    Of course s/he can. S/he simply can't compete in any Olympic events or Olympic qualifying events. But the IOC doesn't govern ALL sporting events - they are governed by different groups. An athlete cannot compete in Commonwealth Games if they're not from a Commonwealth nation.

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    Normally each sports governing body determines eligibility.

    So, an athlete banned from international swimming would be banned from the Olympics, the Olympics would not ban someone from competition.

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