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Does it matter which campus I apply to at CSUEB (Hayward or Concord)?

I'm applying to CSUEB, but not sure which campus to apply to. I'm majoring in Health science if majors makes a difference.

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    Hi Jena,

    Thanks for your interest in Cal State East Bay (CSUEB). Since you did not indicate your current academic status, please note that freshmen can only apply to the Concord campus if they are interested in the pre-nursing cohort. Otherwise, Concord is primarily for upper-division transfer students.

    Our Concord campus is traditionally known as a commuter campus (with no on-campus housing available) that was developed due to the growing interest and need from the East Contra Costa community. Currently, Concord has 1,500 undergraduate, credential and graduate level students enrolled with select majors and minors offered. While there are not dorms, a vibrant campus life does exist due to a variety of student services, such as career, academic, financial aid and pre-admission advising, as well as student related events and activities offered by the Associated Student, Inc. (ASI).

    For students interested in the comprehensive "college experience", such as living on campus in residence halls, then the best option would be to attend the Hayward campus where you will find our residence halls known as Pioneer Heights. This is apartment style living at an affordable price in comparison to east bay area living. With over 90 clubs and organizations to choose from, it is easy to find new friends with interests like yours. Enjoy a break at the Union cafe, surf the Web from your student apartment, or catch a movie on campus. Meet students from around the world for a study group or cheer on your favorite sports team. The Hayward campus community has something for everyone.

    Both campuses offer great benefits, so it's up to the student and what their needs and wants are in a campus. Both campuses do offer tours so we'd be happy to take you around both Hayward and Concord to discuss the possibilities with you. For more information on our campus tours, please visit:

    Good luck!

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    Csueb Concord

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    Cal State East Bay Concord

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    Go to the website and learn which majors are offered at the two campuses then apply to the correct campus although I think all you have to do is apply to the school in general and when you pick your major you will a get your classes and learn which campus you need to attend.

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    Chris Moore and Tyrone Lewis posted the same question. You should read their answers side by side.

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    Yes, that's a good point

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