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how to get rid of hickeys?

i got a hickey friday night, now sunday night i just got that colour to turn red by doing 10 minute ice 15 minute comb and 5 minute ice. any tips on how to get the red to fade ?

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    to reduce the size, twist a quarter (the rugged side) on your hickey. TRUST me it works. i have one right now LOL. and then put some powder or concealer on it.

    oh there will be a little redness after you twist the quarter. don't be too worried, it'll go away and you'll see that your hickey got smaller.

    Source(s): twisting a quarter on my hickey that i got last night right now haha
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    1 decade ago

    apparantely it helps to put toothpaste on it, don't think it works very well though :)

    other than that, foundation to cover it?

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